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Globacom congratulates Nigerian workers

On the occasion of 2021 May Day celebration, leading telecommunications operator,  Globacom, has sent a congratulatory message to Nigerian workers, describing them as one of the most resilient, hardworking and steadfast workforce in the world.

The International Workers Day also popularly known as Labour Day is observed worldwide to celebrate workers. It is mostly promoted by International Labour Movement and is celebrated on May 1 every year.

Globacom, in a press release to commemorate the celebration, eulogised the workers for their patriotism, industry and doggedness in the face of a challenging operating environment, adding that they are pivotal to the sustenance of the Nigerian economy.

According to the statement, “the progress that Nigeria has made in different sectors, including telecoms, is mainly attributable to the contributions of the country’s workers.” The company therefore admonished them to remain dedicated to duty and urged them increase their efforts at achieving excellence in the work place. It encouraged labour unions to continue to contribute towards building a strong work culture that will enhance our overall national productivity.



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