Golden Eaglets deserve handsome reward -Nigerians echo

On Sunday, November 8, 2015, Nigeria’s Under 17 team (Golden Eaglets) lifted the Junior World Cup for the fifth time since 1985 after defeating their Malian counterparts by two goals to zero. Their all round glorious and exciting performance in the just concluded football tournament in Chile has won them praises and accolades across the globe.

Expectedly, Nigerians, home and abroad, have been calling on the Federal Government to show deep and sincere appreciation to the young and dedicated soccer talents by rewarding them handsomely for doing their fatherland proud.

A cross section of Nigerians ENCOMIUM Weekly also sought their views on the remarkable achievement spoke in similar vein…


‘The boys should be compensated handsomely’ – David Abu

This is a dicey situation considering the fact that the previous winners in 2007 and 2013 were lavished with lots of monies and other gifts, this time we do not have money for all that. Nonetheless, I believe the boys should be compensated handsomely because they did us proud.

Considering that some of these boys’ families are not living well, like Osimhen, so they’ll really need the money. Even if the president and NFF do not do much, I believe some governors should host them.


‘They should be awarded scholarships’ – Justin Umoshiona

Yes, they should be compensated, not just lavishing money, but because these boys gave their all for the country. Also, it would serve as a motivation for future teams to want to do well, since they know things would change for them if they do. We shouldn’t let some of the things that happened to our heroes of past years that ended poor repeat itself.

I think instead of giving them just money, they should be awarded scholarships both for academic and football education, these boys need exposure to fulfill their potentials.


‘They have made the country proud and should be honoured’ – Dimeji Ogunsola

They have made the country proud and should be honoured with national awards. I heard the President was talking about the promise he made to the 1985 Eaglets that wasn’t fulfilled because his government was overthrown. He can make up for that with the present eaglets.


‘The boys deserve commensurate rewards’ – Olatunbosun Oludolapo

The Golden Eaglets deserve commensurate rewards for making the country proud, it won’t be too much for the players to be given cash, national honours and houses because they have proved there is huge talent in Nigeria.

More so, the NFF should ensure the players are guided not to join wrong clubs in Europe. They deserve scholarship awards too, especially for those that want to continue their academics.


‘Buhari should encourage them to continue the good work’ – Funto Ojuri

I believe there is a way they were compensated the last time they won and that should be implemented again to encourage them to continue the good work.


‘They should compensate them well’ – Feyi Adetu

I think they should be compensated in cash to further encourage them and others.


‘They should be given land or houses’ – Olarewaju Mclain

The Eaglets should be compensated with plots of land or houses. They have done their best, they all fought for our nation and they all deserve more than a handshake.


‘They deserve to be well compensated’ – Linda Nnamdi

The Eaglets should be treated well. They have brought honour to the country, they deserve to be well compensated. After all our Senators collect millions for sitting down and talking, what about those who did a notable thing for the country. They should be rewarded.


‘The guys had done Nigeria proud…’ – Temitope Sunday

The guys had done Nigeria proud and they should also be done proud by Nigeria. And this lies deeply in the hands of President Muhammadu Buhari, not Nigeria Football Federation (NFF). The team should be adequately compensated with cash and their names should be written in gold.

And as some of them might have not been in any higher institution yet, they should be sent to school to pursue reputable courses free. They need to be monitored so that they can be useful to the country for greater tournament in future.


‘Buhari must show these children robust appreciation’ – Segun Alibi

To be honest, President Muhammadu Buhari must show these children robust appreciation unlike what happened in 1985 when Nigeria won the maiden edition of the tournament. All what he promised them then were not fulfilled before his government was toppled by Babangida. But now, we’re in civilian era and he’s still lucky to be the president when the Under 17 team did the wonder again in his life time.

He should treat them well. It shouldn’t end in ordinary handshake. I suggest they should be given scholarship to university of their choice because they’re still very young. In addition to that, they should also be compensated with reasonable cash as a form of motivation. I believe if these are done, they will be encouraged to move higher in their career and be better players in future.



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