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Golden guys and gals on life’s greatest lessons (4)

Experience, they say, is the best teacher. life becomes more meaningful when we learn from our mistakes and experiences. we spoke with successful Nigerians who have crossed the golden age about their greatest lessons, their biggest mistakes, regrets and what they would have done differently if they had the chance.


‘Learn to be truthful at all times’- IFEANYI DIKE

Ifeanyi Dike, AGN BOT chairman

Ifeanyi Dike, AGN BOT chairman

Lessons: I have learnt not to look down on anybody. Invest in people. The people you trust most are the people who will disappoint you when you need them. Don’t expect the people you help to help you in times of need and don’t feel bad about it. Don’t take people for granted.

Anyone that tells you that I don’t want to cheat are the people who will cheat you. Learn to be truthful at all times. It shows you are a man of integrity. Don’t promise what you cannot do. Learn that money can change people. Keep your ideas to yourself. The moment you share it, people will discourage you or go ahead to do it.

Mistakes: I wouldn’t call it mistake because it is something you are supposed to keep doing. If you help someone, when you are down, you expect the person to reciprocate when you need assistance. I have trusted people I don’t really know well.

I will also say not being able to see the heart of a man despite the sweetness of the tongue. I have made mistakes in teaching people how to catch fish because they continue to push me out of the boat, but, I will continue to make the same mistake because that is how life should be. You have to continue to help people.

Regret: Those I thought will be at my side changed. It was strangers that came to my aid instead of my own. People I call my own were happy I was down despite the fact that we have a common resources, they were not there for me.

Turning the hand of time: I would prefer to come from a nuclear family. I would have preferred to be born in America, where talent is appreciated, where life is appreciated, where people are not seen by tribe or religion but by their works.

I would still prefer to marry my wife. I would prefer to be blessed more than this so that I can help more people. I don’t like seeing people suffer.


‘Wish I had submitted myself to mentoring’ – GOSPORELLA

dj gosporella

dj gosporella

Lessons: Life has taught me to respect all. Life has taught me not to be proud. To see every human being as important. Life has taught me not to look down on anybody.

Mistakes: Refusing mentoring while growing up. I believe everyone needs a mentor as you grow up. I have come to realize that, no matter how many clothes a young man has, he can’t have rags more than an old man.

Regret: Not listening to authority has brought a whole lot of regrets.

Turning the hand of time: I will listen to my mom, she was a wise woman but I never listened to her. I wouldn’t have rushed into marriage like I did. If I could turn the hand of time, I would have listened to my elders so as to enjoy their words of wisdom. If I had submitted myself to mentoring, a lot of things would be in a better shape. If I had, I wouldn’t have struggled through a lot of things. I have learnt the hard way.


‘I wouldn’t have lost my virginity before marriage’ – STELLA MONYE



Lessons: I think the greatest lesson is knowing God on time. Knowing God is the best thing that can happen to anyone.

Mistakes: We all make mistakes, somehow I told myself I must succeed before getting married and the success came quite late.

Regret: I try not to have any. There is nothing that takes God unawares. It is when you make mistakes that you can teach others, share your experience with them.

Turning the hand of time: I wouldn’t have lost my virginity before marriage. I would have known God first before anything because, it is only God that can turn the heart of a man to help you.


‘Whatever you do, be committed to it’ – CHICO EJIRO



Lessons: Life has taught me to be humble, patient and work hard. Not to believe in any fantasy happening around you. Whatever you do in life, be committed to it. Give God the glory for all you have achieved.

Mistakes: There are certain times you start a project and abandon it half way. There are times you take some things for granted.

Regrets: I don’t have regrets. God has been good to me. God has helped me solve my problems.

Turning the hand of time: I would have corrected those mistakes I made in terms of my vision and policy.


‘I’ve learnt to follow my mind’ – AYO BADMUS

ayo badmus

ayo badmus

Lessons: The greatest lesson life has taught me is to be patient and focused. I have learnt to follow my mind. I have made so many mistakes because I didn’t listen to my mind. And I paid dearly for it.

Mistakes: Hanging out with wrong friends who are not truthful.

Regret: I don’t think I have.

Turning the hand of time: I will make sure I got married early. I would have been a scientist, it was later I discovered that aspect of me. I love to be an astronaut.





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