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Gulder Ultimate Search 12 Irin Clan Evade Eviction

It’s redemption time for Clan Irin, as their victory in the Third Eye Task saved them from facing eviction two nights in a row.

The task took place at the Ring of Ultimate Warriors. Each team divided themselves into two; three clan members would use a wheelbarrow to navigate the maze. One member sitting in the wheelbarrow, the third eye, will direct the other two blindfolded members pushing the wheelbarrow. They will go through the maze, picking up puzzle bags, and at the end of the labyrinth, the remaining members will assemble the puzzle pieces to create the word – craft beer.

The task proved more than their teamwork could take. It took a long time for the clans to navigate the maze. Clan Iroko, with Yankari, had to start over thrice because they kept violating the rules. It was a slow but steady pace for Clan Irin as their third eye, Mfon Esin carefully directed his teammates through the maze. Clan Amo also had difficulty as their third eye Omoya couldn’t seem to lead his teammates well.

Clan Irin completed their task first as they made their way to their teammates and completed the puzzle in record time. Surprisingly, Clan Iroko came in second, despite having to start the maze again thrice. Clan Amo was third, and a member will be evicted tonight at the place of the talking drum.

Join in on the action as Gulder Ultimate Search airs every Saturday and Sunday at 8 pm on Africa Magic Showcase (DStv channel 151), Africa Magic Urban (DStv channel 153) and Africa Magic Family (DStv channel 154 & GOtv channel 2).



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