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Hairstyle to try this summer

Straw curls has been in existence for a long time. The trend usually comes and goes. It’s something one can do at home with few equipment or none.

Not everyone wants their hair to go through the damage and time it takes to wipe out a curling wand. Not to mention the risks of getting burns from a hot curler and those awkward days when your hair just doesn’t seem to curl from the top.

Curling your hair with a basic, everyday utility like straws gives you a stunning result without the hot mess.


How to curl your hair with straws

 Get drinking straw and cut it into two or three.

 Brush your hair and mousse it. From a full arm distance, lightly and quickly hairspray hair. Divide your hair into four sections

 Take your first piece of hair and spritz it with your water spray bottle.

 From the very root is where you want to start. Wrap the root around the straw once, then, bobby pin it. You want to open the bobby pin so, when you stick it in, one half will be in the straw, the other over the straw and hair.

 Continue to wrap the rest of your hair down the straw until you reach the end and bobby pin it with the same method.

 Continue this throughout your whole head. When you get to the top section, you put a bun, make sure your curls are a lot more neat and precise.

 Sleeping with them overnight would give them the time to draw. Sleeping on curls does not seem wise. If you’re a careful sleeper this may work or if you have a hair net. But if not, keep in for at least two hours. The best option is to stay under a hair dryer for one hour.

 And right after you are finished putting all the strays in, generously apply hair spray to your curls.

 Take your curls out! Start from the bottom pin and uncurl unto you take out the top pin.

 Generously apply shine hair spray. Shake your hair and style as you desire.



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