Heineken Nigeria’s 192 countries campaign closes in on 1 billion Impressions (The secrets to its success)

It isn’t very often that you see a consumer engagement campaign quite like Heineken Nigeria’s 192countries campaign and the numbers prove social media has quickly taken to the brillant new interactive movement.

The last few weeks have seen Heineken dominate social media in Nigeria, thanks to its new limited edition bottles which launched on the 19th of June.

The campaign which was launched in celebration of the beer brand’s presence in a staggering 192 countries has now racked up 780 million impressions since the bottles were launched 7 weeks ago.

Social media analysis (via Keyhole) show that over 10,000 users have put out tweets and Instagram posts about the bottles and the movement has racked up engagements in the hundreds of thousands.

Centred around Heineken’s interactive limited edition bottles which allows users “Shazam” the bottle label and experience one of the countries Heineken is present in, users can also view their position on the leaderboard based on how many countries unlocked.

At the end of the campaign, the top performers on the leaderboard stand a chance to win an all expense paid trip to Amsterdam and 3 other cities courtesy of Heineken Nigeria and KLM.

Why The Campaign Has Enjoyed So Much Virality



Heineken Nigeria hit a home-run by choosing the popular mobile app -Shazam, to drive this campaign. Known for its ability to Identify media playing around you, the app has quickly become one of the most popular mobile apps worldwide.

The feature of being able to scan a bottle, which is powered by the  app, has made the campaign unique and very engaging as thousands of people have been quick to scan the bottles and share their experiences.



The timing of this campaign has also been spot on. The Summer bliss is very much in the air and the chance to enjoy a vacation courtesy of Heineken Nigeria and KLM has been a major conversation starter.

The short videos which are displayed after unlocking each country has also helped provide further excitement around this campaign, as these videos often highlight the top tourist destinations in these countries.


User generated content

Arguably, the biggest reason the campaign has become such a viral success is how much user generated content has been created by both Heineken and social media enthusiast. As the hashtags #192countries and #Samegreattastein192countries continue to dominate the trend table in Nigeria, more people are excited to jump on the trend and create funny, witty content themed around the competition.


Audience Demographic

The theme of the campaign, the manner of its execution and its interactive nature is clearly targeted at at the younger audience demographic (18 -35)  which are often tech and social media savvy. While the campaign is by no means a social media campaign, the social media virality is indicative of how these target audience find expression for this highly engaging campaign.

With so many young people interacting with the bottles via an app on their phone, it makes perfect sense to share these experiences on social media.



The leaderboard and the competitive nature of the campaign has been a major highlight of the campaign, with celebrities even getting in on the action. This past week, ex BBN reality show housemate Tobi joined the the campaign by posting a video in response to Uti Nwachukwu, another Ex BBNaija Housemate’s challenge.

However, it isn’t only Big Brother housemates who have  joined the race to #192countries, as more people continue to dare each other to rack up points on the leaderboard, thus adding to the virality of the campaign.

Heineken Nigeria is clearly setting a standard for other brands to learn from. The beer brand is known for its viral campaigns and has once again struck gold with its #192countries campaign.

This simple, yet highly engaging campaign is testament to the brand’s ability to continually innovate, and provides further credence to their claims of being the biggest beer brand in the world.

The 192countries campaign  will run till the end of August and 8 lucky winners will stand a chance to experience a trip of a lifetime by visiting the birthplace of Heineken – Amsterdam and 3 other European cities.




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