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Here are the signs your wife can kill you

Cases of wives killing husbands are becoming more common with Maryam Sanda stabbing Bilyamin Mohammed Bello in Abuja and Yewande Oyediran murdering Oyelowo Oyediran in Ibadan.
Men are now so scared and wondering who is next!
But they need not worry as women capable of murder can be sniffed months before the crime. compiles a list of traits and actions usually displayed by potential husband killers:

1. They are extremely jealous, disagreeable and suspicious

2. They threaten female friends and colleagues of their husbands – and ready to pounce on them

3. They are quick to anger, enraged at the slightest opportunity and ready to use dangerous objects

4. They are queer, lonely, uncooperative and unfriendly

5. They check your phones, sniff your clothes and underwear, trail, stalk and hound you

6. They would have injured you on a number of occasions

7. They have no respect for your friends and family, and can never be pacified

8. They usually threaten to kill…and eventually succeed if you don’t flee



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