HID Awolowo’s neighbours pay glowing tributes (3): ‘She was accommodating’ – Musiliu Sanni

Musiliu Sanni lives beside Awolowo’s compound

Tell us your name, sir.

Musiliu Sanni.

For how long have you been living with the Awolowos?

I have been Papa and Mama’s tailor for many years.  I sew iro and buba for mama and Papa’s complete.  I was also a security guard there.  When Papa died in 1987, I was the one directing dignitaries at Papa’s mausoleum then.  But I later resigned from the place.  Mama was a nice person that has sympathy for people.  She also accommodates people a lot.  Her death pained me a lot.  She did a tap water for us outside her compound.

When last did you see Mama before she died?

I saw her at the last fellowship (on Tuesday) before that Saturday that she died.

Was she at the fellowship?

No, but when we finished we went inside to greet her.

What do you think you miss about Mama?

Water, because that tap from which we fetch has been damaged and nobody is willing to contribute money among us to repair it.  Now that she is dead, I doubt if we will get water to fetch again from that tap.

But can’t you go inside to fetch water?

That is security risk.  As a security person, I won’t advice that people should be allowed to come inside the compound to fetch water.




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