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House wives, market women excited as prices of food stuff drops

Prices of foodstuffs which was sometimes ago beyond the reach of the masses are gradually crashing.’s check across markets in Lagos state revealed food stuff is no more as expensive as they used to be.

Market women, house wives can’t hide their joy about this.

According to information pieced together by, a bag of rice which used to be as expensive as N23,000 is now N13,500 in major markets across Lagos state.

A paint bucket of beans has also crashed from N2000 to N1500.

While a bag of Semolina is now N3,200  for 10kg, before now, it was sold for N3,500.

A paint bucket of garri has also reduced from N1000 to N500.

A tuber of yam is also no more N800 but N300 for a medium size that can feed five people.

Speaking about this development, some housewives expressed their happiness and prayed for better days ahead.


Mrs Audu

“I am happy that I can take N2000 to the market and come back with something tangible, before that amount can only purchase a paint bucket of beans, I pray foodstuff would further crash to what it was three years ago”


Madam Kafilat

It is really a welcome development, I can buy two tubers of yam N500 now, things are not so hard as they used to be, the only thing left is that government should allow money circulate more.


Mrs. Abiola

Things are no more as expensive as they used to be again, I can buy garri for N500 now, it was a common thing every household could buy before but it got to a point that garri was sold for N1,100 in my area. I am happy really. I just pray that God will continue to bless us so that we can afford to be buying them.


Bisi Akinosho

Prices of food stuffs are going down gradually. What I want is a total crash to what it was sometimes back. I can remember a bag of rice was as cheap as N9000- N10,000 . We are getting there.



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