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How Bishop Oyedepo emerged Africa’s richest pastor

+Builds seven universities worth N15 billion

Winner's Chapel

Winner’s Chapel

Amazingly, the richest clergy in Africa, Bishop David Oyedepo has emerged the richest clergy in the world. However, contrary to the US based report that he was worth $150 million, ENCOMIUM Weekly’s investigation revealed that the stupendously rich clergy is worth over N600 billion. The founder and shepherd-in-charge of Living Faith World Outreach Ministry, popularly known as Winners Chapel is an epitome of wealth and affluence.

According to the list compiled by US website, Bishop David Oyedepo, who is the founder of Living Faith World Outreach Ministry is the world’s richest pastor.

Four other Nigerian pastors made this list too, See the full list and their net worth:

David Oyedepo: $150 million

Chris Oyakhilome: $50 million

Benny Hinn: $42 million

Creflo Dollar: $27 million

Billy Graham: $25 million

T.D Jakes: $18 million

T.B Joshua: $15 million

Matthew Ashimolowo: $10 million

Chris Okotie: $10 million

Joseph Prince: $5 million

gulfstream jet

One of his private jets

With the outstanding Cannanland, reportedly worth over N90 billion, with

Landmark University

Landmark University

diverse projects erected and revenue accrued from it, four jets valued at N25 billion, N15 billion on  three universities and several other schools, a reported N250 billion housing estate when concluded, annual offering and tithes to the tune of N31.2 billion, 7 million books estimated to have raked in N1billion, 400 buses worth N600 million, N10 billion Goshen City at Abuja and several other ventures

...with wife, Faith

…with wife, Faith

have made him a pastor with uncommon grace for prosperity.

And to crown it all, the amazingly wealthy Bishop declared during his 60th in September 2014, that he is embarking on

building seven universities across Africa.  He confirmed that two more universities belonging to Winners Chapel are currently under construction and will soon be ready for academic activities. He also said they will be leaving the shores of Nigeria in the nearest future to build the 5th, 6th and 7th universities in Ghana, Kenya and South Africa respectively.

It will be recalled that, Bishop Oyedepo presently owns Covenant and Landmark Universities which is located in his hometown, Omu-Aran in Kwara State. This university projects we reliably gathered will worth N15 billion.

Here is the breakdown of assets that made the 60 year old clergy the richest pastor in the world.

PROPERTIES                                   WORTH

Canaanland                                         N90 billion

4 jets                                                     N25 billion

Canaanland Housing Estate             N250 billion

Annual tithes and offering                N31.2 billion

Books                                                   N1 billion

Buses and cars                                    N600 million

Goshen City                                        N10 billion

Universities and schools                   N25 billion

Kenya 20,000 seater auditorium       N3.5 billion

Other structures such as bakery,

Bible schools, tapes,

international                                       N10 billion

Houses and churches                        N25 billion

Cash                                                     N100 billion

TOTAL                                               N580 billion




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