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‘How I have been spending my prize money’ – CHINEDU UBACHUKWU, winner Gulder Ultimate Search 2014

TALL and light skinned Chinedu Ubachukwu who was last year’s winner of Gulder Ultimate Search is fast becoming a face to reckon with in the entertainment industry.

Chinedu, who aspires to become a petroleum engineer, in a recent interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, spoke about life in GUS camp, how he’s spending his N10 million prize money and where he’s headed.


You were quite controversial while in camp, why was that?

I won’t say that I was controversial in the jungle, but you can’t keep 14 grown individuals from different facets of life in a bush and expect not to have conflicts in perception, especially when you are all a unit.

Chinedu-Ubachukwu-1216So, have you started spending your prize money?

Sure, I started spending the money the very minute it bounced into my account because I had to pay my tithe and redeem my vows.

What else have you spent the money on?

Apart from giving back to the society in my own little way, I have invested the rest.

What about the future?

My plan is to complete my Masters degree in Petroleum Engineering at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland.

Do you plan on venturing into modeling, acting, music?

I have modeled for big fashion houses and lots of designers too.  Talking about acting, I have about two to three movies that I should be part of later in the year but I might not be available because of school.  Since I can’t sing, I might float my own label some day.

Are you in a relationship presently?

Yes, I am.

Who is the lucky girl?

No comment.

Word on the street is that you’re in a relationship with a female artiste, Saeon. How true is that?

Saeon?  Seriously?  Now, this is very funny to me because I haven’t seen her for sometime now, but we chat and all.  I love her music but we are just friends.

What prompted the cancellation of Gulder Ultimat Search this year?

Bigger is Better is the reason GUS 2015 was cancelled because its bigger and better in the sense that they are giving back to their direct consumers 15 cars, not just one car will be given out with lots of mouth watering prizes.  Therefore, making it the biggest promo for everybody to be part of.



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