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How many women we dated before marriage – Men

Some men dated almost all the ladies that came their way before finally settling down, while some were too shy to approach a lady and ended up marring the first lady they could talk to.

This week, ENCOMIUM Weekly sampled opinions of men on the numbers of ladies they dated before marriage.



How many women did you date before getting married?

I dated a lot of women before I eventually picked my wife. I can’t even remember them all but they cannot be less than eight.

What made you choose your wife among them?

She was God’s will for me. I didn’t marry her because of her physical beauty. Just her attributes, she is humble and contented. She doesn’t complain. She would manage whatever I give her. I have peace of mind at home and at work.



How do you want me to remember that? I dated countless women. Some relationships didn’t last for more than four months and we both moved on. At least, I will say four.

All of them were not God’s will for me. It has been destined that this is the person one would spend the rest of one’s life with.  When she came around, I knew she was the one.



I didn’t date anybody before I met my wife. I didn’t know how to approach a lady. So, I was on my own for a long time before I summoned courage to talk to her.

She is a virtuous woman. Caring, patient and God fearing.



I dated two people. One in school, the other I met in Ogun state. The first one was from a Muslim family, her parents were against our relationship so it packed up.

She is beautiful in and out. She is a Christian and God fearing. Caring as well.



I dated up to ten ladies. I was a bit randy when I was single.

She is different. I knew she was the one I would marry. She had so much respect for everyone.



I dated three people. The first one was snatched by my friend. I dated another lady but her mom was against the relationship. She forced her to abort for me two times. So I left her before I met my wife.

My wife is physically attractive. She is a morally upright person and very caring.



I dated two ladies. The first was my first love. I still love her, quiet and respectful, good Christian but we went our different ways because she was not ready to get married when I was ready.

My wife is unique, humble, also a good Christian.



I dated four ladies before settling down. I didn’t have it in mind to date up to that number but they weren’t just working out.

Thank God I met my wife. She is so homely, quiet, considerate. She can give you her eyes and be moving about blind. She is a fun loving person to be with.



I can’t remember all of them. They are a handful. You know once you are good looking, ladies would always want to be with you.

She is God fearing, caring, loving and beautiful. I care about the physical look a lot. I don’t want to look outside.



I dated only one person and that is my wife. We met in school, became friends and we decided to settle down together.

She is my friend. A trusted friend. She can read me in and out.



I dated like four of them. I even double dated two friends at the same time. I eventually married one of them.

She surpasses others I was dating. She doesn’t make unnecessary demand. Always satisfied with whatever I gave her. She is also a beautiful woman.



I dated five ladies. Two while on campus, and three after I left school.

My wife is a good woman. She has all the qualities I desire in a woman.



I can’t count them all. But I dated quite a handful. Some just wanted to have fun and move on.

I met my wife at her sister’s house. I was rendering some services for her sister so I had the opportunity to relate with her. She is a stubborn woman and I chose her for that reason. Anybody that would live with me must be stubborn. Thank God I married her.




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