How much it costs to make a pot of soup (2)

MOST often, in households, the women of the house prepare assorted soups to go with meals.  Some of these soups are tied to a particular tribe.

In Nigeria, because we are rich in culture, there are different soups and the ingredients vary.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with more housewives on how much it costs to make a pot of soup that would last for two days



It all depends on how buoyant I am and how buoyant my husband is.  Sometimes, he gives me N5,000.  At times, he gives me N10,000 or even N2,000.

But for the soup that will last for two days for a family of four, N5,000 would be okay.

I will make a pot of stew that has chicken and beef.  A whole chicken goes for N1,200 if it is frozen.  If it is the local chicken, I will pay N2,500.  Beef -N2,000, groundnut or vegetable oil.  Maggi, salt, garlic, ginger, pepper, tomatoes -N1,000.



I think N5,000 would be enough to make a pot of soup that would last for two days.  I will buy vegetable (ugwu) and any other type of vegetable worth N100.  Prawn -N1,000, dry fish -N500.  Beef -N1,000, palm oil and seasonings.



It depends on the size of your pocket.  Some can make N10,000 worth of soup that would last two days.  Some can make N500 soup that would last two days.  I can make N2,000 soup that can last two days.

I would make Ila asepo.  Okro worth N400, beef worth N800, prawn N400, dry fish N200, palm oil, pepper and seasoning with the change.



N3,000 is enough to feed a family of five for three days.  Since it is for a short period.

I would make Egusi soup. I would buy N400 worth of Egusi, beef N1,000, prawn N400, dry fish N400, ugwu N100, pepper N100, onions N100, palm oil N100.  Then seasoning would take the rest.



The amount I spend on a pot of soup depends on what my husband wants to eat.

On a good day, to make soup for my family of five to last two days, these are what I would need.

Broiler (chicken) because that’s what my husband likes, it costs about N4,500, pepper N1,000.  Total N5,500.

So, a pot of soup that would last two days costs about N5,500.



I spend about N3,000 to make a pot of soup that will last two days.

Two kilos of fish N1,200, pepper N700, palm oil N200, seasoning N100, vegetable N500, stock fish N300.

This would serve a family of four for two nights or more, depending on how they eat.



Most times, I like cooking for more than two days, so I can keep it in the fridge.

Okro N300, vegetable N200, pepper N200, dry fish N500, meat N2,000, locust bean N100, seasoning N100, palm oil N200. Total N3,600.

This would serve a family of six for two days.



I spend about N5,000 on a pot of soup that would last two days.

Pepper N800, Bokoto N2,000, chicken N1,800.

This soup would last my family of six for two days and we would eat it three times a day.



N4,000 should be enough for two days soup for a family of five.

I would make stew.  Pepper, tomatoes and onions will cost N1,300, beef -N500, fish N1,000, the remaining change will go for seasoning.



To cook Edikaikong that would last two days, it will cost N6,000 to N7,000.

You would buy ugwu, water leaf, stock fish, meat, dry smoked fish, live chicken, yellow pepper, okporoko, onions and crayfish.



To cook ogbono soup that would last two days would cost N3,000.

Ogbono, stock fish, pepper, ponmo, pumpkin or uziza, crayfish, palm oil and assorted meat.



I really can’t tell how much I spend on cooking a pot of soup because I buy my foodstuff in bulk, I buy onions in bulk, pepper too.

I buy onions worth N2,000, pepper of N5,000 and panla worth N5,000 on a weekly basis to avoid going to the market every time I want to cook soup.

So, what’s mostly needed is either beef or chicken, this amounts to about N3,000 and it would sustain my family of four for two days. Be informed that I have spices and seasoning at home too.



To cook a pot of efo riro soup that would last for two days would cost N4,000.

Efo soko N400, pepper N300, onion N100, seasoning N100, beef N1,000, ponmo N200, fish N500, shrimps N1,000.

This pot of Efo riro would last us for two days.  My husband likes a lot of meat, fish floating in his plate of Efo soup.  So, sometimes I spend even more than N4,000.



To make a pot of soup that would last two days in my house would cost about N6,000.  Let’s say I want to cook stew.

5 kilos of chicken N3,400, pepper N1,500, seasoning N200, groundnut oil N500, onion N200, spices N200.  Total N6,000.

This stew can feed a family of six, three times a day for two days



If I want to make Ogbono soup for a family of four, I would need Ogbono one cup N700, pepper N200, black pepper N100, stock fish N500, crayfish N300, assorted meat with ponmo N3,000, prawn N500, vegetable N300.  This can last for two days.



To cook Efo riro, it would have beef, prawn, dry fish, crayfish, ugwu and shoko leaves, smoked fish, periwinkle, prawn, beef and chicken.  This is because my husband likes chicken and I like beef.  This would take N5,000 for two days.



N5,000 should be enough for two days.  That should make a pot of stew.

I would buy N3,000 fish, at least two different kind of fish.  N1,000 beef and the remaining for pepper, tomatoes, onion and seasoning.



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