How neighbours contributed to Ronke Shonde’s death

The neighbours of the Shondes, who live on Tiemo Close, off Awori Street, Egbeda-Idimu area of Lagos, will now be blaming themselves for not doing enough to stop the death of Ronke, mother of two children aged six and four.

The conspiracy of silence practically led to the death of Ronke in the early hours of Friday, May 6,2016.

Some of them reported hearing loud altercations between husband and wife the previous night, and none intervened! They even claimed that Lekan Shonde was a violent man who beat his wife silly.

So, why did no one intervene in the quarrel, especially the one that led to her death?

How many times have they spoken to the couple about their constant fight?

Have they ever reported to the police?

Has anyone sent an anonymous complaint of conduct likely to cause breach of public peace to the police?




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