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How to assemble a good wardrobe without breaking the bank!

-fashion designers, stylists advise on dressing well without spending over the odds

Everybody wants to look good – the ladies want to look elegant and the guys want to look dapper. But not everyone can afford to because good dressing doesn’t come cheap.

The rich can afford to splash a ton of money to buy whatever catches their fancy in a bid to look attractive and draw admiring glances and compliments; after all, everyone likes a compliment!

But not everyone is so privileged, and thus the rest of us who do not have access to cash stored away somewhere have got to be less extravagant when it comes to our dressing.

The fashion savvy among us here advice on how to look good without breaking the bank…


ADANNA VICTOR (designer), Made2fit Fashion

How can one have a good wardrobe without spending over the odds?

It depends on the kind of wardrobe you want to have, either predominantly native or western.

If you want a combination of it, for the ladies, you should have a jacket. One that you can wear with anything, be it jeans or skirt and you’ll look good. Also, some colours are really important, like black, red and chocolate brown, colours that you can easily combine. In addition, you have pencil skirts and some nice pants.

For native attires, your designer should know what’s good for your body type. For instance, long dresses are not very good on fleshy people, flair gowns don’t look good on everybody. If you are fleshy, you should go for an “a-line” dress. If you have an hour-glass shape, you should go for fitted dresses; and if you are “I-shaped”, you should go with dresses with a waist line and maybe belt at the waist and flair down.


FEJIRO UKPEMO (stylist), Snip & style HQ

How can one have a good wardrobe without breaking the bank?

First of all, you have to know and define your style. You don’t have to follow what’s trendy, and even if you will, let it reflect your personal style. Also, you need to know where to shop. There are stores where the prices are very high and you can get the same items for a lesser price somewhere else. So, learn to source for the best deals! People feel if something is more expensive to makes it’s superior in quality but isn’t always the case. Go for what fits rather than focusing on price. Always stay true to your style.

What fashion pieces and colours would you say are important to achieve this?

Definitely, every girl should have that simple, but chic, black dress which you can wear to virtually every occasion. It’s like a go-to item if you’re not sure what to wear. Also, have some traditional attires, ones that are not too flashy, just simple colours that can blend to any occasion. Have some nice geles (head gears). For the men, all men should have black suits which can be worn to everywhere – job interviews, to evening events, etc. And if you are eccentric, you could have a blue blazer or some other colours.


ABIDOYE OMOLOLA (Stylist), The Beauty Consultant

The first thing you must note is that everything you have can be recycled to give it a whole new and trendy look. If you have a sleeveless jeans jacket, you could cut one native attire and add sleeves to it.

People would see it and think you just got a new jacket. Be creative with recycling.

In terms of colours, due to our weather, get versatile colours like nude, brown. Earthy colours can be worn all year round. Now, orange, brown, maroon are working. Earthy-coloured pieces are go-to dresses and outfits.


KEMI AROWOLO (designer), Adurrah Creations

How does one build a good wardrobe without spending over the odds?

These days, most people are their own stylists, there’s more emphasis on personal styling. The first thing is to have a defined personal style, then buy outfits that suit that style. Go for outfits that can serve more than one purpose, that is outfits that  can be paired up with other pieces. Go for quality, buy durable items that’ll last you a long time. Also, have a wardrobe plan. It saves you from spending money just anyhow or buying items you don’t really need.

What are some pieces that are really important?

Oh for the ladies, a black dress is really important! A black skirt, too that you can accessorize and combine with other pieces. A white shirt, blazer, camisole and a complete suit whether skirt or trousers, but preferably, skirt as you can always get away with that.

For the guys, a complete black, navy blue or dark grey suit is a must have. A white, sky blue shirt and black trousers, also. You should have a checked tie with a bit of red. Have good shoes and belt of the same colour.

How about native attires?

For the men, a white or cream buba and sokoto can go for any occasion. Ladies, the thing with ladies is that they’ll most likely wear the dress of the day’s occasion; other than that, a gold or silver toned outfit, whether skirt and blouse or gown can fit into a lot of occasions.



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