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How to be safe and sound this summer as crime escalates in London

London, the capital of the United Kingdom with almost 9 million people, has seen a huge rise in crime this year!Bags and phones are snatched easily as thugs on moped (small motorcycles) throw acid at victims as they rob.

Violent crimes surged as the number of Police protecting Londoners dropped to frightening levels.

Pickpockets and petty thieves as well as armed robbers and rapists are turning the city into a dangerous arena.

So, how do Nigerians who enjoy prancing London streets in summer keep safe and sound?
Here are some tips as compiled by encomium.ng:
1. Avoid lonely streets and areas frequented by gangs.

There are some areas where gangs prowl and dastardly crimes frequently recorded. Read and find out from Londoners where to avoid, especially the south east and quiet tourist areas.
2. Never display your phone, and keep your bag in view at all times. 

Expensive phones and bags are frequently snatched by gangs on moped. And pickpockets even use knives to pry valuables from your bags in daylight. Be alert and resist the urge to use your phone as you saunter about. Avoid carrying expensive bags.
3. Avoid going to lonely streets and dark spots in luxury automobiles.

A gang of four on two mopeds attacked a luxury car on a busy street just this week as other motorists and passersby looked on.
4. Dress like Londoners.

And not in your colourful African clothes as they mark you out as tourists. Don’t wear your most expensive garbs about. They invite thugs and thieves.

5. Don’t adorn shiny or expensive jewelry.

The thieves target watches and necklaces. And wrestle them off you as they attack.
6. Minimise your outing, and go out as a group with male company. 

Men should not go out alone, nor should ladies be unaccompanied by men.

Solo victims are easy targets.
7. Avoid late night trips.

For whatever reason, avoid going out at night. Unless it is absolutely important. And never go anywhere at night alone.
8. Be careful with uber and taxi drivers.

Ensure that the drivers are aware that another person has full details of their car registration and time of pick up. Let them know that you are being monitored by a friend or relative. 
9. Don’t withdraw money in public places. 

Use the ATM in banks, and withdraw very small amounts. 
10. Stay in safer neighbourhoods. 

If you can afford it, stay in the best part of town.

-Agbolade Owolabi for Encomium.ng



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