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How To properly Combine Colours

Combining colours in clothes sounds easy, but we will often find it is a task that could drive us around the bend. By combining our clothes we must take into account many factors such as the colour of our hair, the tone of our skin or if we want to emphasis the colour of our eyes. On the other hand, it also depends on individual style (colour-blocking and neon colours operate differently) and taste.

Here we propose some tricks so you know how to combine colours in clothes and you can adapt these to your style.


Black does not go with everything

We are always told that black can go with any other colour and still look good. It is usually the case, but there are two types of colours that do not look good with black: navy blue and dark brown. Avoid combining these colours at all costs.

However, there are some times where black and brown can look good together. To get it right, use one of the two colours as a base and main colour and play with the same tone of brown or black for your acessories, as you can see in the picture.


Black, white, grey and light beige are perfect with nearly all other colours and combine very well with each other.

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Beware of prints. It is not advisable to wear two printed items at the same time. Wearing a flower print shirt and stripy trousers will not look nice.

Instead, combine printed clothes item with coloured items that are also present in the print. If you want to combine two prints, make it subtle and use it on one accessory.


Mixing cold colours with silver accessories and warm colours with golden accessories.

Black can also go well with both golden and silver, but brown will look best on silver.

When using white (which we say combines with everything), try to not to use too many light colours. It will make you look pale and it will not look quite right.

White and blue go really well. You only need to look at different types of clothing and prints. Although you should not base all your wardrobe on these two colours, this is an original and fashionable combination.

Wear your shoes and bag in the same colour. It is not at all compulsory, but if your look is of a single colour, combining the shoes and the bag may give a fun touch to your outfit.


Have a good basic wardrobe

There are basic clothes which are useful to combine colours. Keep a white and a black shirt or T-shirt. Keep tights in various tones and a couple of jeans. Always have a black or brown pair of shoes and a handbag in the same colour, it will help you resolve wardrobe malfunction.


When shopping, keep in mind how to combine the item you want to buy with your existing clothes. It is very easy to let yourself go and buy something which does not combine with anything in your wardrobe.



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