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How to toast a guy you fancy (2)

It is believed that a woman should not ask a man out even if she has a special feeling for him. Any woman who does so in Africa (Nigeria to be precise) is considered cheap. But with the level of civilization in the country, things have really changed. Ladies now go out of their way to toast men of their dream. Some do it without mincing words. ENCOMIUM Weekly sought opinions of young ladies who bore their minds on if they can toast a man and the methods they use. We asked them if you meet a guy that caught your fancy, how do you let him know how you feel about him?


MISS BALIKIS – I will start by becoming a close friend, then daily complements will follow. I will also be his confidant and if the guy does not understand, I will just have to speak out my mind, that I love him and will want to date him.


MISS BOLANLE – I will get his contact, give him a call. I will not mind his negative response, I will continue to do a follow-up with the guy, then later I will invite him for a drink or lunch or take him to see a movie.


MISS RHEMA – At first, I will feel shy but the only thing is that I will try to draw his attention to it and definitely the guy will accept. Also, I will try to chat him up and he will definitely be observant.


MISS JULIANA – First, I will do things that will make him happy, then create a very intimate relationship with him. We will be going on dates very often and my body language will do the talking for me.


MISS CHIDINMA – I will do what will make him notice me and from there tell him I am interested in him.


MISS OGECHI – I will get close to the guy but not every guy likes ladies with such boldness. It might put him off totally but it’s adviceable to form a certain kind of relationship with the guy.


MARY OLOJEDE – I think it’s very wrong for a lady to toast a guy she actually likes. For me, I can’t do it. The worst I can do is to make friends with the guy.


OLADIMEJI MORENIKEJI – I won’t toast the guy I fancy, I will only show him some affection that will translate to how I actually feel for him.


SHOBOWALE REMILEKUN – I can toast someone I fancy, the procedure is what really matters. Guys can be very proud to see a lady walking to them to ask them out, that’s why I said the procedure with which you go about it is what matters most.


AJAYI OMODOLAPO – That’s absurd, I can’t toast a guy, no matter how cute he his. I can never do that. We can just be friends and that’s all.


OLABISI FOYEKE – Never, I can’t toast any guy. How do you expect me to walk up to a guy and tell him I have feelings for him. The guy will only feel cool with himself and think he has found a cheap whore.


OLUWANIFEMI KILANKO – I can’t do that. The only effort I can make if I fancy a guy is to look for someone that can speak to him on my behalf. I can’t face him one-on-one and tell him that, he will think I’m cheap.


OWOLEGBON ANUOLUWAPO – Why not? I can toast a guy that I fancy if I get the chance to do so. I can start as a friend with him, so as to get to know him better. If he is matured enough for me, I will let him know what I feel for him.


ODUBELA FUNKE – I can’t toast a guy no matter what special feelings I have for him. Whatever will be will surely be, I don’t need to make myself a laughing stock all in the name of love. If I love a guy, I will just pray he loves me back.


NWASULU ANNEI – If I see a guy that I fancy, I will tell him that I like him. That’s all I can say.


IBRAHIM ROPHYAT – If I see a guy that I fancy, I will never toast him but I will just admire him. Because it’s not good to toast a man by yourself, he will walk to you and ask you out.


ARAMIDE BABALOLA – If I see a guy that I fancy, I will walk to him and tell him my mind because there is no big deal about that and he will give me his response.


AJIBOLA GRACE – Not really, I can’t toast him because of future purpose. If we fight, he will start saying that I’m the one that toasted him. Are you not the one that came for me? So, I can’t toast a guy. I can just admire him or make friends with him. If not, I will leave him.


OTEGBEYE SARAH – Yes, I can toast him. There is no big deal about that. I will just tell him.




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