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How to toast a guy you fancy

It is believed that a woman should not ask a man out even if she has a special feeling for him. Any woman who does so in Africa (Nigeria to be precise) is considered cheap. But with the level of civilization in the country, things have really changed. Ladies now go out of their way to toast men of their dream. Some do it without mincing words. Encomium Weekly sought opinions of young ladies who bore their minds on if they can toast a man and the methods they use. We asked them if you meet a guy that caught your fancy, how do you let him know how you feel about him?



I will walk up to him and tell him hey bobo yii mo loff e gan, shey you know sha? She o loff mi like that?



I will start by making friends with him, use the opportunity to know the kind of person he is and he will also know the kind of person I am. From there, the rest will fall into place.



I will walk up to him and tell him that I like him and explain my feelings to him. In most cases, I might not have a second chance to explain my feelings so, it will continue from there.



I will walk up to the guy and tell him I love him. That is what African China said, and it will work. From there, we will get talking and the understanding will flow well.



I don’t toast anymore. I will just come up with something interesting like the fuel scarcity issue and after that, collect his phone number.



I will buy him a very expensive gift and try to know him better. When we are into ourselves, I will tell him, I like him and from there we will work things out.



If I fancy him, I will just walk up to him and let him know what I like about him. If he feels the same, that means it’s okay but if not, that’s all.



If I see someone I fancy I will just make friends with him, maybe he can use the opportunity to understand me.



If I see someone I fancy, I will always go to his house and prepare him food, clean his house, etc. I know, with time, he will respond to my gesture.



If he is someone I can get his contact, I’ll get his contact. I’ll keep in touch with him. I will call him at least once in a day and make sure I say things that will make his day. Guys of nowadays understand more than you can imagine. With time, he will get to know how I feel about him.



It’s only in Nigeria that a woman becomes a prostitute when she asks a guy out. In other countries, things are not like that. To me, if you want something, you just go for it. After all, God didn’t say it’s only men that can first show love. I won’t wait for a miracle to happen. I am human, I have feelings too. But whoever it has to be, he must be matured. I will just let him know how I feel about him but I won’t throw myself at him.



I will walk up to any guy I fancy and let him know my feelings. I won’t die in silence. I’ll tell him and if he is the type that understands, he would treat the case with maturity. And if not, the rest is story.



That is a very difficult one because guys in this country don’t respect ladies’ feelings. They think it’s wrong for a lady to show love to a guy that has not asked her out. I will just try and make friends with him and pray that he develops same feelings for me too.



I will tell him how I feel and if he thinks I’m too cheap, that is his own headache. Showing love is not a crime.



I actually don’t see anything wrong in toasting someone you fancy. It appears to be easy for guys while it’s a bit difficult for ladies. For me, I can’t toast someone I really fancy. What I will do is to seduce him. Ladies have the power to transfer emotional feelings to guys in thousands of ways instead of toasting. Personally, I will rather seduce him. I think it’s the best way to show my feelings for him.



It’s a funny question. It has not happened to me, but if it happens, I will just call and tell him how I feel. I think that is not a crime.



I will not tell him because I would feel so shy. What I will do is that, I will just try to make him my friend, and he may use the opportunity to feel same way like I do.





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