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‘I am a complete entertainer’ – America based Actress cum singer, MONICA OMORODION

Monica Omorodion Swaid

Monica Omorodion Swaida is a Nigerian entertainer based in America. This beautiful and talented lady cut her teeth in show business at 14. She started her career as a studio worker with Sam Morris and later moved on to Aibtonia Studio where she formed a rap group with like minds, known as SOS. The group produced an album.
Monica later left the group to join Majek Fashek’s music band. She went on musical tours with Majek Fashek, Sunny Okosuns of blessed memory, Evi Edna, among other legendary musicians.
This sensitizational ballads, raggae, high life, Afro beat and hip hop singer is not only a musician, she is also a film maker. She manages a film production outfit called Monicanization Production Inc. She has produced two movies, including her newest movie titled, Faces of Love with one of the greatest American cinematographers and directors, Robert Peters.
Comparing music in Nigera to that of America, this multi-talented act who is also a voice over artiste who produced sound track for her new movie Faces of Love said, “I am not sure if there is much difference in music anywhere in the world. The world is a small place now with information technology. Lots of Nigerian music is played here in the clubs and parties in America and likewise foreign music in Nigeria. Our African music has gone global.
“As a Nigerian singer, people don’t need to understand a word of what you are saying to enjoy your music. “I speak a lot of pidgin English in my music and I teach Americans pidgin English. They have to understand me, not us always trying to

Monica Omorodion Swaid

Monica Omorodion Swai8

understand them. Now, the American pride is evident in a lot of our music.”
For her educational background, Monica went to Mr. Wachussets Community College and graduated in 1994 with a degree in Business Administration and proceeded to University of Massachusetts, Lowell MA in America and graduated in 1997 with a degree in Accounting and Finance.
She enrolled at Boston University America, for a post graduate degree in Computer Information System in 1999.
Though, she had been working with several ace musicians for about 20 years, this creative singer dreams finally came to reality when she released her own album entitled Monicanization, though she had produced a group album with America sound Engineer, Seatch.
Married to an American, Monica said she gets all the support from her husband.



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