‘I don’t believe in sexual harassment’ – Lacasera

OLUWASEYIFUNMI Aduragbemi Olanrewaju, better addressed as Lacasera is an up and coming thespian who has featured in many movies, including Adunni, Awiigbo, Ipanle, Awimayeun, Aranla, Sikemi, Koseeso and many more but has found it difficult to come up with a movie to call her own due to lack of sponsorship.

The Houdegbe North American University (HNAU), Benin Republic undergraduate spoke on this and few more in a chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Sunday, January 18, 2015.

lacasera3How did your journey into acting begin?

I started acting four years ago, under the tutelage of Samson Kogberegbe of Metropolitan Caucus, Jakande Estate, Isolo, Lagos.  Since, I have not looked back.

How would you describe the experience so far?

It has been wonderful and a little challenging.  But in all, I give thanks to Almighty God for being there for me all the time.

What actually informed acting?

Actually, acting has always been my first love.  Since childhood, I developed interest in acting and I have always worked towards achieving that as a goal.  When I was in secondary school, I used to tell my cousin, Tosin, that I would be an actress in the nearest future.  That dream eventually came to pass.  Although, I am yet to get there, I am sure with God on my side, I will be there one day.

What are the basic challenges you’re facing being an upcoming actress?

Every career has its peculiar challenges and everybody has his or her challenges. But the most important thing is for one to overcome such challenges as they come.  Right now, the basic challenge I have is finance. I don’t have money to sponsor my movie but I have completed the script.

Why not reach out to any of the marketers for assistance?

I would be very glad if a marketer can willingly render assistance to me in order to get my dream actualized.  And I pledge not to disappoint such a person and he or she will forever be in my good book.

Initially, my greatest fear about male marketers was that they would want to sleep with any actress they intend to help.  And so far I wasn’t ready for that, I had to withdraw a little but later, I discovered that people were accusing them wrongly.  I have found out that majority of the marketers right now are after business and they don’t sponsor poor scripts.  If your storyline is nothing to write home about, no marketer will invest his money in it because he wants to sleep with you.

lacaseraSo, you mean marketers don’t date actresses to make them stars?

I don’t believe that.  That’s a wrong impression about movie marketers.  First, I don’t even believe sleeping with you can make you popular.  It’s only God that can give fame, not man.  I haven’t experienced that and none of my friends in the industry who has produced one or two movies has told me that.

Haven’t you experienced sexual harassment from any quarters in the industry?

Nothing like that at all.  Sexual harassment has nothing to do with whether you want to produce movie or not.  And I don’t even understand what people call sexual harassment.  It’s not unusual to see a man walk up to you and make an advancement but it’s up to you to reject the offer if such a person is not your choice.  It can happen anywhere not only in the movie industry.

If you get the needed fund, when will you start shooting the movie and what’s the working title?

I intend shooting it anytime from now. The only thing delaying me is money.  That’s why I said I will be very happy if anybody can unconditionally sponsor the movie, and I will be very grateful.  The working title is Omo ati Iya (Mother and Child).

Let’s know a little of you, including your academic background?

I am from a family of nine.  I am the last child of my parents.  We’re two boys, five girls. I am a Christian from Ede, Osun State, but I was brought up in Lagos.  I attended Igbo Elerin College, Okokomaiko, Lagos.  Now, I am at Houdegbe North American University (HNAU), Benin Republic, studying Medicine.  I am in 400 level.  Also I am an actress and I pray to become a celebrated one in the nearest future.

How do you intend juggling acting and being a medical doctor when you graduate?

Let’s leave everything in the Hands of God.  He is always there to guide me.  But I know that won’t be difficult by God’s grace.




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