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‘I have always dreamt of being a beauty queen’ – Miss Classic Nigeria, Emelieze Obiageli Stella

21 year old Emelieze Obiageli Stella is a mass communications graduate from Madona University and winner of maiden edition of Miss Classic Nigeria. The Delta state born model beat 11 other contestants to clinch the coveted crown, carting home a whopping star prize of N1m and Kia Picanto car.
In this interview, she took us through life in Miss Classic Camp, her plans for the future and much more…

How do you feel being Miss Classic Nigeria 2017?
I feel normal for now, being that I have not began any activity as a queen. But I also feel great because of that smile I see on people’s faces when they see me as Miss Classic.

Emelieze Obiageli Stella

Emelieze Obiageli Stella

When you were announced winner, how did you feel?
To be sincere, I was still a bit surprised, though I knew I deserved it. I was also overwhelmed and close to tears when I saw the joy on the faces of my family members.
Who talked you into the contest?
A very good friend of mine, who is like an aunt to me.
How was life in the camp with the other contestants?
It was really fun and more than I expected. I had a good relationship with everyone. They were really nice and we were like a little family.
Are you a model?
Not really, only occasionally.
Where did you school and how was life as a student?
I went to Madonna University, Okija, Anambra state. Life as a student for me, was just normal. There was drama everywhere. I was that kind of student that doesn’t like to be seen too much. I didn’t engage in any activity.
How do you intend to use your crown to fight domestic violence?
This is a very big and important project for me. I want to use my crown as a means of creating awareness out there and reaching out to victims of domestic violence both the male and female and to also make them know how to avoid or go about such a situation if they find themselves there.
As Miss Classic Nigeria, have you any pet project beyond the official theme of Fight against Domestic Violence?
Tell me about your background and growing up?
I come from a Christian family. My dad is a reverend and my mom a deaconess. I have four siblings. Growing up for me was okay. My parents gave me the opportunity to experience a lot of things but with the mindset of never forgetting where I came from.
How did your parents feel when you told them you were going for the contest?
Before now, my parents were always skeptical about beauty pageants and modelling, but when I told them about this one, I believe they agreed because they know I’m old enough to make my decisions and know what is right or wrong. They really supported me beyond my imagination.
What kind of clothes and other fashion apparels do you like to wear?
Casual dressing is the word, I love being comfortable in whatever I choose to wear, either I’m on my jeans and top or my fitted dresses. I also have a thing for denim.
What dress sense do we expect from you now?
Now, my dressing has to portray African culture and that of a queen. So, now, be expecting more of native but still casual attires and also dresses that befit a queen.
What about your relationship with your friends in camp after your victory?
Even till now, I kept in touch with my friends from the camp, especially my roommates. They are really nice and interesting people.
Who is Stella Emelieze?
Stella Emelieze is a graduate from the Department of Mass Communication, a God fearing lady with a good family background. She’s a very smart and beautiful lady, and loves to smile. She can be dramatic at times (laughs), but very humble and simple.
What’s your assessment of Miss Classic Nigeria contest?
Being the maiden edition of the pageant, it was quite good, a bit better than I expected. Though it lacked a few things but nothing is perfect. The organizers really worked hard to make it a success.




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