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‘I have not dumped Islam’ – MOJI OLAIYA cries



PRETTY thespian, Moji Olaiya has rubbished social media report that she has dumped Islam.  She added that there is no iota of truth in it.  She told ENCOMIUM Weekly this and more, including why she can’t remarry yet, when we cornered her at an event in Ikeja, Lagos, on Wednesday, February 18, 2015.


How would you describe your career at the moment?

My career is okay.  There is nothing wrong with it.  I am moving on.  Everything is alright with me career wise.  I am trying to bring in new things.  I am working on a new production that will surely be a bang.  It will cut across English and Yoruba sectors.  I am also hoping it will be a kind of international flick that will compete favourably with other standard movies across the globe.

What’s your assessment of the industry right now?

Let’s keep piracy where it belongs.  I will say the industry is growing but in terms of finance, it’s nowhere to be found.  The industry is not as buoyant as it used to be.

What do you think is the major solution to that?

Let’s say the fact, until pirates are fought to a standstill, the industry can’t bounce back.  It’s very glaring that the major problem of the entertainment industry generally is the rate at which our intellectual property are being pirated.  And pirates keep smiling to the banks while those of us shedding our sweat, investing our money, energy and time are not making anything out of our efforts.  It’s not funny.  It’s a very sad situation.  If we have a body that can fight piracy for us, especially the government, I believe the industry will move forward.  Also, we need support from corporate bodies in terms of encouragement and sponsorships.  But the aspect of piracy needs to be handled by the government sincerely because no matter how much you get in terms of sponsorship, it will boil down to the same thing if pirates are still having a field day.

A lot of people within and outside the industry believe some of you campaigning for politicians do that because of poverty, what’s your reaction to this?

That’s not true.  If the industry is not really doing well now, I thank God, we’re still very comfortable.  We can still afford our three square meals. We can send our children to good schools, pay our rents and so on.  If we’re poor, we won’t be able to afford all I have just mentioned.  Most of us supporting All Progressives Congress (APC) believe in the winning team.  We believe in change.  I, for one, support APC.  I support Akinwunmi Ambode and Muhammadu Buhari.  I believe in APC because I also want change.  And because we are Change Agents of Nigeria Network.  So, we believe the only way to reach out to people is just to support a winning party.  And the winning party right now is APC.

But we learnt you and few other colleagues of yours have been paid handsomely by APC…

That’s not true.  Seeing us on the podium campaigning is not because of money.  We haven’t collected any money from any politician but we just have to appreciate the fact that the party is on the right path and we just have to associate with all its candidates nationwide.  Let me also be honest, we’re all members of APC, not just that we’re campaigning for the party.  We have continuity with the party and we believe APC is the best party right now unless we want to be deceiving ourselves.  Take a look at what’s happening in Lagos State, if we have someone that can continue from Fashola, I tell you the better the state will be. And that’s why we’re all supporting Ambode.

Recently, it was reported by a magazine (not ENCOMIUM Weekly) and was also published by social media that you’re no longer comfortable covering your head and that’s the reason you have started exposing your head.

(Cuts in) That’s a lie. I don’t know where those reporting that got their story.  I still cover my hair.  Although, once in a while, especially when I go to mosque.  And very soon, I am going to start covering my head fully because I believe that’s the way of Almighty Allah. I want to be doing everything that pleases Allah, including my mode of dressing.

Maybe because some people noticed that you don’t cover your head as you used to when you declared for Islam was actually responsible for the speculation?

I don’t know.

But some even said maybe you have dumped Islam.

That can’t happen to me, Insha Allah.  Allah forbids that.  Nothing can make me quit Islam.  I believe Islam is a religion of Allah and I identified with it because I want to make heaven.  So, nothing can make me backslide.  I am aware of a lot of people saying so many things concerning that.  I had even received some calls asking if it’s true that I am no longer a Muslim, and I told them, nothing can make me shift ground. I will forever abide by Islam because I want to make heaven.  As a Muslim, I have no regret at all. Allah has been blessing me all along.  And I am sure, He will continue to bless me.  The fact that may be once in a while they see me not putting on veil does not mean I have dumped Islam.  I am not saying I am a saint because one way or the other, we still sin but we can always ask for Allah’s special grace which is what I am enjoying.

We can always ask for His mercies and I believe He will continually grant us that and direct our paths aright.

Lest we forget, when are you planning to remarry?

Insha Allah, that will happen at the right time.  People should just keep their fingers crossed.

Are you in a relationship at the moment?

Yes, of course.

Can you tell us the lucky man?

No, I can’t for now.  You will get to know him when the time comes.


You’re aware of the fact that I am not divorced yet but only separated.  So, I need to be extremely careful.  Also, I wouldn’t want to take a wrong decision and come out of the marriage.  But sincerely, I am in a relationship, and I am working towards that.  So, when it’s time, I will keep you informed.





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