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‘I have to abandon school to focus on my reign’, MBGN 2014 WINNER, IHEOMA NNADI

The Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, MBGN 2014, Iheoma Amanda Nnadi, 19, is going to sacrifice her academic pursuit, at least for now, to concentrate on her new “office”.
Disclosing this in an exclusive interview with Encomium Weekly’s Associate Editor, Uche Olehi on Saturday, July 19, 2014, at the Port-Harcourt International Airport, Rivers State, the Business Administration undergraduate of the University of Johannesburg, South Africa, said the decision was in her best interest.
She explained that since her transfer to the South African university would be concluded next year, it would pay her to remain in Nigeria and discharge her responsibilities as queen.
Iheoma also revealed her immediate family to Encomium Weekly, sharing with us some of her pet projects and how she would spend her N3 million cash prize. The Uratta, Owerri, Imo born girl speaks…

Congratulations on emerging the Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria?
Thank you, sir.
So, how does it really feel to be so elevated?
I feel on top of the world. I’m so, so happy for this rare privilege, it’s really the Lord’s doing.
How did you get the form?
I got it in Abuja. I also filled it myself.
Did you know you would win?
Of course, yes. I mean, you buying a form means you are ready to become MBGN. I always knew I would be a beauty queen. Years back, the password of all my accounts had been forevermissworld.
Have you participated in any beauty pageant before?
No, I have never participated in any beauty pageant.
What was your experience at the MBGN camp?
We had to bond. The girls became sisters. You wake in the morning, you meet the same girls with whom you do practically everything. While in the camp, you argue, you make up. We had so many great moments.
So, you didn’t have any edge?
I don’t think so. We all are good and beautiful. We were all in the camp doing the same thing. It is just that when God says yes, nobody can change His verdict.
When the pageant’s chief judge said Timi Dakolo had almost revealed the winner, did that give you a clue?
Not at all, because I was still nervous. I had to wait for the judges’ verdict.
What’s your academic background?
I’m a student and model. I live in South Africa, where I school. I model for magazines. I do fashion and editorial stuff.
What are you studying in South Africa?
Business Administration. I was studying via correspondent. I was in the process of transferring to the University of Johannesburg when I came back to Nigeria and picked the form. I did my interviews before coming back.
Are you going to stop school now?
Definitely. The South African academic calendar starts next year (January). So, I have to focus on MBGN for now.
So, it wouldn’t take anything off you?
I’m just 19, sir. I believe I will achieve more if I focus on this at least for now. I have to concentrate on MBGN besides I can’t travel in and out South Africa. If you focus on one thing at a time, you would do it better.
You had the support of your parents?
Yes, though some of my friends were naturally skeptical when I came for the competition.
Can you, please tell us more about you and your family?
I’m from Uratta, Owerri, Imo State. My mom and dad are also from the state. So, we are true Nigerians. My mom is in South Africa, while dad is in and out of the country. We are four , three girls and a brother. I’m the last born. We all live together. We are good.
So, how would you spend your N3 million prize money?
I will pay my tithe and invest the rest. It’s my cash prize, please.
What would change about you, now you are MBGN winner?
Nothing really. I would rather have more carriage, more conscious of whom I am. My pace will also change for good.
What was the most inspiring call you got when you were declared the winner of MBGN 2014?
The call I got from mom when she was crying. She is in South Africa at the moment.
How long have you been in South Africa?
Four years.
What would be your pet project as MBGN 2014?
I would fight child trafficking and other forms of child abuse. We have to work with agencies involved in this area to eliminate the menace. We need to keep children off the street and free them from forced labour.
I will also organize seminars to mentor young girls, a kind of motivational programme aimed at mentoring them.


IMG_8227-001‘I don’t envy MGBN 2014 winner’


First-runner up at the just concluded MBGN pageant, Queen Celestine is so confident she has all it takes to win Miss Universe coming up later in the year.
And more than happy told Encomium Weekly at Port-Harcourt International Airport, on her way back to Lagos on Saturday, July 19, it’s God who decided who wore the ultimate MBGN crown.
The 2011 Madona University graduate of Mass Communication and Miss Nigeria 2013 first runner-up equally stated with all sense of modesty she is a queen of no mean status.
On how it felt to have missed the first position, the Biase, Cross River State girl, who was also awarded the Miss Amity prize, said she is reaching out to the other contestants who might naturally feel disappointed after all they spent in the pageant. She was however, confident that some of them would go on to live their dreams.
Queen Celestine, 22, is the last in a family of five. Her father is a retired police officer, while her mom used to do business. They live in Port Harcourt while she stays in Lagos.
Pretty and light-skinned Queen is a TV presenter, model, actor and singer…

How does it feel to emerge MBGN first runner-up?
It’s wonderful and amazing. So, I thank God for His grace.
How would you carry on with this?
First, I bless God for giving me such a rare opportunity. Obviously, as a queen, I have certain things I will set out to do and I will try my best to give every bit of it the best I can.
Your position makes you the next after the queen.
No, not really. I said so because she would be going for Miss World and I would contest for Miss Universe. We are all representing our dear country. So, I won’t say I’m after her.
Is there any major reason you lost to Miss Akwa-Ibom?
I don’t know any reason other than the fact that God wanted me to go for Miss Universe while He chose Miss Akwa-Ibom (MBGN 2014) to go for Miss World. I’m so comfortable with that because whatever God desires for you, that is what you get. There is one thing I say, it’s not everybody that God makes a queen, so, whatever He gives you, take it with gratitude.
It’s all about you, your personality and your destiny.
How did you get to know MBGN?
I live in Lagos. I studied Mass Communication. I’m also a presenter. I’ve known Silverbird for a while. I didn’t make it last year, so I decided to try my luck this year. I was first runner-up in Miss Nigeria 2013.
Let’s get to know you more, please.
My full names are Queen Celestine. I’m from Cross River State. My parents live in Port-Harcourt, but I stay in Lagos. I’m a model. I present once in a while. I love acting and singing. I’m a fun person. I easily adapt to new environment, I make friends easily.
Where did you study Mass Communication?
Madona University, Okija, Anambra State. I graduated in 2011. I served in Osun State.
How many are you in the house?
We are five and I’m the last.
Any disappointment?
The disappointment is for the girls who felt bad. I just feel for them because I know how much they spent in costumes and dresses for the pageant. I felt bad that they didn’t get to where they were supposed to get. But I know they are strong. And trust me, check out for them, they are going to come out stronger and better than what we even think about them.
I’m not going to “form”. I’m going to represent my country. We are exceptional people.
There is nothing that would stop me from getting to the top, if I take my country with me.
Nothing will change about me. I’ve always been the same. It doesn’t make sense because you are two million or three million richer, then you begin to act funny. So, be whom you really are.
Are you in a relationship?
(Laughs) Do I suppose to say that?
When the time comes, what kind of man would appeal to you?
If I have to pick a man, I will just say God-fearing. I don’t like six pack. All I want is a man that is understanding and God-fearing. I look out for whom God wants for me.
How do you check your weight?
When you eat healthy. I also count my calories. I don’t just eat anything. You don’t eat too much carbohydrate. You don’t consume lot of fats and oil, just watch what you eat.
Being a beauty queen comes with a lot of restriction are you ready for this?
Yes, I already have restrictions at home, given my family background. My dad was a police officer.
And your mom?
She was a business woman.
She is dead?
No! She is at home.
My home is awesome. Being a police officer, my father gave us all the protection we needed. It is not easy for your dad to allow you to go for a pageant where you expose yourself, but my family supported me. My mom came all the way from Port-Harcourt to Bayelsa for this pageant. So, I’m loved by my family. I can never ask for a better family than what God blessed me with.





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