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‘I’m not a womanizer’ – YCEE

His real name is Oludemilade Alejo. Ycee is a talented hip-hop artiste who has equally made his mark in the industry just like some of his colleagues. In this exciting interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, the Lagos born Condo crooner cleared the air on certain issues revolving around his life and career, including his alleged relationship with many women and much more.


Could you please tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Oludemilade Martin Alejo, and I’m a Lagosian, born January 29, 1993. I’m 22. I’m a hip hop artiste signed to Tinny Entertainment and currently a 200 level student of University of Lagos studying Marine Biology.

What was your journey into music like?

Professionally, it all started in December 2012, when I released my first single entitled, Smile on me.

Before then, I used to record covers of other artistes’ songs because I couldn’t afford beats or even studio sessions.

A friend of mine played some of my covers for his elder brother who was starting up a record label at the time (Tinny Entertainment).

He liked my stuff and thankfully, he gave me a deal and that’s when music stopped being just a hobby for me.

It became my career and my life. Since 2012, there have been ups and downs, which is no surprise because that is life for you.

All in all, I’m very thankful for where I am today.

What’s your title as you refer to yourself as a titled man?

I believe I am the King of New school hip hop in Naija. The new school Jagaban….

In the Nigerian hip hop scene, no young rapper is really prominent and that’s the vacuum I intend to fill.

What is your view on the growing “local rapper discrimination”?

It’s sad because we are all rappers at the end of the day. So, why do people feel the need to separate this from that. If you are rapping in your dialect and making it good, that doesn’t mean someone else who’s rapping in English can’t also make it good.

Besides, in a case where the supposed local rappers live a westernized lifestyle, what is local about you then?

I think it’s all a misconception.

Tell us about your song, Condo which you featured Patoranking….

Condo is basically my come back song.  I took a long break from music because of school so, I had to come back with a bang!! Patoranking is like a big brother to me. We have a couple of songs together. I chose to put out Condo because it’s my favourite one and thankfully, it turned out to be a lot of people’s favourite too.

You and Paroranking look alike, are you brothers or related?

No, we aren’t related. Maybe in the previous life we were brothers.

Condo is currently trending and gaining street credibility, tell us about the way you record music and what is it about your style that makes you different?

The way I record music is more or less the same as most other artistes. I listen to the beat and then I pull out my notepad or my phone and I start writing. That’s basically what makes me different from others. My delivery is unique.

I believe the way I deliver my bars is very unique to me.

They can say what I say but it won’t just sound right coming from them.

What is your view on collabos and how many have you done?

I have done several collabos actually, Patoranking, Mbryo and recently I did one with Saeon. At the moment am in South Africa, I was invited to do a collabo. Collabos are good and sometimes bad. It could be a plus or sometimes it can take away from you. For me, it’s been good though.

There were a lot of women in your Condo video, the general opinion is that they were too many, and that you sleep with them, what is the truth?

I don’t think they were too many girls and I definitely not sleep with them.

It has been rumoured that you are a womanizer, what do you have to say about that?

Unlike most artistes, I am not a womanizer. I do have a deep appreciation for women.

The story that your search for more endowed women is your reason for your trip to South Africa, is not true?

No it’s not true, that’s a big fat lie.

So, what are doing in South Africa?

I’m in South Africa for several reasons, I’m going on tour there, I’m working on some projects, some of their artistes and I also intend to shoot a video there. I’m not in South Africa for women. Come on, that’s just crazy!

What’s next for YCEE?

I have a new single dropping pretty soon. So, basically, what’s next for YCEE are new singles, new videos, possible international collaborations and I’m working on my E.P which would probably come out towards the end of the year.



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