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Inside Chinazo and Mekam Okoye’s fabulous twin-venue reception

Mirth and gaiety romanced jollity as the fabulous twin-venue reception, following the wedding of Chinazo Isabelle Azudialu-Obiejesi and Mekam Tochukwu Okoye, got underway in the afternoon of Saturday, February 4, at Landmark Event Centre.


Merriment and pleasure were splashed afield as high society mingled with torch bearers of commerce and all the professions and vocations in-between.

Come with us as luxury automobiles lined Water Corporation Road, Victoria Island Annex and made their way into the expansive grounds…


15:00  Guests arrived in duos, trios, quartets, quintets, sextets and more. Dressed to the nines, they swayed gingerly onto the cocktail area, after going through the clearance process with tags of different colours indicating sitting positions.

In front of the main hall, on lush green carpet, a glittering red grand piano sat on the right.  And the pianist tapped away, engrossed.

Multilevel stands paraded glasses of wine, champagne and fruit juice. And guests caught their breaths, settled down as they sipped contentedly.

Some posed for paparazzi in front of the beautiful backdrop with photographs of Chinazo and Mekam.

Others made their way to the second hall to the left.


15:30  The main hall, decorated in white, black, silver and gold, had an impressive arena for the couple with a settee and two chairs on a raised platform.

The dance floor, with the wedding crest, led to the platform reserved for the couple.

A band of sitting musicians and a conductor (Then 7 Orchestra) strummed unobtrusive classical tunes, from the left.


15:40  Guests, on both sides of the main hall with huge screens, were settling in, drinking and eating, exchanging pleasantries and banters.


16:02  One of the masters of ceremonies, IK Osakioduwa  (the other was Okey Bakassi) welcomed all as the reception officially got underway.


16:05  Bride’s parents, the Azudialu-Obiejesis, danced in accompanied by family, friends and well wishers.


16:12  It was the turn of the Okoyes, the groom’s parents, to dance into the hall.  Family, friends and associates joined them.


16:19  On the screen, we saw  the wedding party dancing into the other hall with Ajebo and MC Hugo Bross as masters of ceremonies. The train was joined by Chinazo and Mekam around 16:24.


16:40  The wedding party arrived at the main hall, groomsmen and bride’s maids swaying and rocking.


16:45  Husband and wife walked in hand in hand, majestically, to a roar of fireworks and smoke.

As they arrived the dance floor, they began to wriggle and wiggle to the special song.

Confetti flew.


16:51  Prayers were said.


16:54  The breaking of kolanut began, with Chinazo handing over the plate to Mekam.

And he in turn gave the plate of kolanuts to his father.


17:01  Chief  (Sir) Vin Okoye now presented the kolanuts to Obi of Onitsha who delegated the breaking to a red cap chief.

After prayers were said in Igbo, the kolanuts were ‘broken’ and shared among the elders.


17:16  Chairman of the reception, Prof. Pat Utomi mounted the stage for a brief pep talk to the couple.


17:22  Pictures of dignitaries and the couple with their parents on stage.


17:36 Voix Celeste performed a romantic duet to deafening applause.


17:44  Chinazo, a chorister at Our Saviour’s Church, titillated Mekam with a heart warming ballad.


17:55  The multi-tiered wedding cake was cut.


18:01  Dr. Ernest Azudialu-Obiejesi danced with her daughter. The joyous mogul knows how to move.


18:05  He handed over Chinazo to her husband, and both danced as the smoke machine and fireworks crickle-crackled.


18:16  The bridal party entertained with choreographed moves.


18:23  Mekam danced with his mother to ‘Sweet Mother’.

His sisters and Chinazo joined them on stage.


18:31 More pictures on stage with Alhaji Aliko Dangote and Dr. Sam Iwuajoku.


18:34  Couple’s mothers (Mrs. Azudialu-Obiejesi and Lady Okoye) danced with friends.


18:58  Chinazo reappeared in another jaw dropping off-white gown.

Mr and Mrs Okoye again settled down on the settee.


17:00  For about 30 minutes, gifted musician 2Face entertained the young and old as they sang along.

As the African Queen crooner thrilled, many of the young and the restless but focused were on their feet.


19:39  A series of speeches and toasts by chief bride’s maid (Ogechukwu Obiejesi), best man  (Chike Nwabuo) and bride’s uncle  (Eloka Umeh) followed.


19:52  Mekam, accompanied by his wife, responded to the toast.


19:55 Chinazo thanked God, her parents and all.


20:00  The reception officially ended, but more banters and jollification continued.


From here, the younger folks moved to the after-party at the back of the main hall for more revelry where Olamide and a DJ thrilled.



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