Jimi Agbaje’s alleged lover denies liaison: ‘Our relationship is platonic’ – Blessing Ebigieson cries

STAR actress, Queen Blessing Ebigieson has denied having romantic relationship with Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Lagos gubernatorial candidate, Mr. Jimi Agbaje.

Responding to the rumour she is dating the Chairman/Managing Director of Jaykay Pharmaceutical Company Ltd., the single mother and movie producer, explained that their relationship had more to do with her support for his governorship aspiration as well as Agbaje’s role in Queen Blessing Foundation, where he is a patron.

“Jimi Agbaje is my godfather.  He is one of the supporters of my foundation.  I’m also the arrowhead of IBA, which stands for I Believe in Agbaje.  It is one of the groups supporting his aspiration for the Lagos governorship election.  We are not dating.  That is not possible.  I’m already engaged,” Ms. Ebigieson clarified in a phone chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Saturday, March 7, 2015.

The Yoruba cum English movie star had the previous day (Friday, March 6, 2015) intimated us on her foundation and latest movie projects.

Black Queen also revealed her fiancé, while opening up on relationship with the father of her nine year-old son, among other intimate facts…

What’s new for Blessing Ebigieson?

I have a new Yoruba movie entitled, Temi ni kan (TNK).  I shot part of it in America.  I also had the premiere in America. I’m 181746_186894987997309_6107122_ncurrently working on the part two.  I equally have an English movie, My Fate. It was shot partly in London.  It’s a work in progress.  We are at the editing stage of the production.  It has already been submitted for censorship.

Can you please share with us some of the movies you’ve shot in the past?

Interestingly, I’ve shot over 50 movies.  They include Pretty Angels, Moments of Joy, Empty Coffin, Romantic Attraction, Kissing You…There are quite a lot.

What about your own production?

I produced my first movie in 2010.  It’s called Borokini.  In 2011, I did Lori Ere.  In 2013, I produced Ejo mi ko, but it came out last year.  Now in 2015, we have Temi ni kan (TNK).  Like I said, My Fate is still in the works.

How did acting start for Black Queen?

I came here by myself. I saw a movie jacket, I think it was from the stable of OJ Productions.  I had to call the phone number of a guy on the jacket who told me I can’t stay in Niger State and do movie in Lagos.  So, I had to come to Lagos.  They told me their production was in Enugu though they couldn’t pay for me to be there, being an up-and-coming artiste. I paid for myself all the way to Enugu.  I also paid for my hotel bills.  I ended up doing about three scenes in the movie.

What was the title of the movie?

Ashes to Ashes.  Segun Arinze was in the movie.  I spent about N25,000 but I was paid just N3,000.  So, it’s an experience I will never regret because for me, that was a stepping stone.  After my debut, I featured in Wale Adenuga’s Super Story series, I also did Girls Next Door, Eldorado, by Fidelis Duker.  I’ve done quite a lot of serious productions I can’t remember.

So, what was the attraction to Nollywood?

Nothing in particular.  I needed to make a living.  Just pay me and I would feature in your movie.  But now what attracts me to a movie is the story.  There must be a message for society.  We’ve come a long way.  We are expected to be more of role models.  I go for stories that touch lives.  I take all these into consideration.  I also have a son who looks up to me.  He should be very proud of me.  I’m sure he would be proud to tell his friends, this is my mom, in an interesting movie.

It’s no longer about money, I am a bit choosy.  I have other things that give me money.

Are we going to be seeing this in Black Queens Productions?

Of course, yes.  I write all my stories from Borokini, Lori Ere to TNK, Fate, Change of Fate, I don’t just sit down and write stories.  They are usually deep and thematic.

Who sponsors your movie production?

I do.  My foundation was also for a couple of years sponsored by me.  We started having supporters like Jimi Agbaje and co, about four years ago.

Many entertainers, previously living on the Mainland or the Island are now moving to Ikorodu, where you also reside.  What is the attraction?

I will only speak for myself.  I’ve lived in Surulere, Lagos for 13 years and I felt it was time to change my environment.  Again, everybody was familiar with where I lived.  One no longer had privacy. People would come to stay for a day or two and end up staying one year.  And the day you tell them to go, it becomes a problem. I live in Owode, anyway.  But there are more new and beautiful houses at this axis of Lagos.  They are also affordable.  The only problem here is the state of the roads.

Jimi Agbaje

Jimi Agbaje

Are you planning to build your own house?

That’s not in my plan for now.  I don’t have the energy, too.

Who are the movie stars in the your latest movie, Fate?

We have Jibola Dabo, Uche Ogbodo, Vincent Opuru, Chinyere Nwabueze, Charles Granville and Deji Omogbeyin, etc.  We also have a special guest appearance, Bishop Idahosa who officiated the wedding.  We did the wedding scene in a church service.  And I really appreciate that privilege.  Interestingly, he even uploaded the picture on his Facebook account the day he saw the poster.  I think he is happy because the film has a message of hope.  It is a fantastic movie, I can’t wait to see it.

So, when is its official release?

It might be out in August since we are all busy with the elections now.  You know I’m campaigning for the PDP guber candidate in Lagos, Mr. Jimi Agbaje.  I’m deeply involved, coupled with my productions.  You also know I have a son that needs my attention.  I have to guide him, do his assignments and all that.  I also have a foundation.  So, my hands are full.

So, can you please tell us about Queen Blessing Foundation?

Queen Blessing Foundation is doing well.  We have a programme we do every Valentine for widows, the Widows Support Scheme.  We take it round the state.  The maiden edition was in Edo State.  Being the president and founder of the foundation, it was natural I start from my state.  We took care of about 500 widows.  We gave them wrappers. It was fun and fun, to make them forget their predicaments.  The second one was last year in Ikorodu, Lagos State.  This time, we had about 200 widows.  We gave them six yards of wrapper.  We gave about six of them sewing machines, eleven got N10,000 each, that was the little we have.  Don’t forget the foundation is young and gets most of the support from me and my godfathers who believe so much in the vision.  That same day, we gave awards to eminent Nigerians, including Prof. Pat Utomi, Mr. Jimi Agbaje and the late Kabiyesi of Ikorodu as well as the Odofin, who I’m told would be the next monarch in Ikorodu.  For me, it gives me joy to put smiles on the faces of less privileged people.

Are you married?

No, I’m not.  I’ve never been married.  But I don’t always like to talk about my love life.  The fact is I have a love child.  I love my son.  He makes me happy.  I don’t regret having him.  I don’t hate his father either.  That it didn’t work out, God knows why.  Everybody knows my son’s father.  He is Johny Okosun, publisher of Reality magazine.  That’s the much I can say on that.

How old is your son?

He was nine on March 9, 2015.

Nine years on, why have you not moved on?

I’m engaged.  I have a fiancé, a very lovely guy, humble, God-fearing, nice and charming but we are taking it easy.  We love each other.  Last December, we almost got married. I think I went to America and by the time I got back shooting TNK, we decided to relax on it.

So, you’ve found love again?

I think it would be right to say, I’ve found love for the very first time because with the way I’m treated by my new man, I think I just fell in love.  You might think you had been in love only to later realize you have not really been in love.  And don’t forget I was very young then.  I was not up to 23 unlike now I’m a bit above 30.  You can say I now have a clearer head about who loves me or who I love or who is just there to take advantage of me. I think I just fell in love for the very first time with my fiancé.

What was growing up like?

It was fun.  I would say I was born with a silver spoon but my father took it away from me.  I have, however, forgiven him.  I had to take care of myself through school, doing menial jobs.  I have done everything to earn a living. When the acting job was not coming, I started dancing.  I danced for Tony Tetuila.  I did a video for Pasuma Wonder and Eedris Abdulkareem.  I did ushering jobs for Nigerian Breweries Plc.  In a week, I must have a job to take care of myself and siblings.  I was school in Niger State.

What did you study?

Mass Communication.


Federal Polytechnic, Bida, Niger State.

What is your relationship with Jimi Agbaje?

Like I said before, he was one of the prominent Nigerians we gave an award at Queen Blessing Foundation.  He is a patron of my foundation.  The reason I am supporting Agbaje is that I voted for him in 2007.  I was not happy when he lost, so I decided to personally campaign for him in 2015.  He’s a man I believe can transform Lagos. His background is such that he would remember the masses and better their lives.  I so much believe in people who can touch lives.  That is why I relate with Prof. Pat Utomi, who is the chairman of my foundation, Jimi Agbaje and many other respected Nigerians.

On Sunday, March 1, 2015, a popular actress, Toyin Aimakhu said she can die for President Jonathan and the PDP.  Can you die for Jimi Agbaje?

I think that asking if I can die for Agbaje is a harsh question that would attract a harsh answer.  But I can go to any length to campaign for Agbaje to make him win the Lagos guber race but saying I can die for him does not sound nice.  To set the record straight, I’m not a card carrying member of any party.  I’m supporting Jaykay because I believe in the man.  Even if he is in ‘Rice and Beans’ party, I will still support him.  It is the person and not the party that matters to me.

I’m talking from the evidence that he has supported a lot of widows under my foundation.  I’m not just saying it, I have the video.  My foundation programmes are recorded.  I think anybody who wants to die for PDP or President Jonathan have their reason.  The truth is that in 2011, I voted Jonathan and in this general election, I would also vote Jonathan.  I have my reasons.

At a time entertainers are making millions from politicians, have you not benefitted from them?

No, I’m not being paid for supporting PDP.  I have never visited Jonathan, but I campaign for him.  I think my life in his hand is better than it was in others I wouldn’t mention their names.  At least, let him complete his tenure in office.

So, you were not among artistes hosted on Saturday, February 28, 2105 at the Presidential villa?

I was not there. I’ve never been invited to any Jonathan campaign gathering.  But I will support Jonathan because he has positively affected Nollywood.  That’s enough for me.




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