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Jonathan wants to be probed and arrested, Nigerians diss ex-President over corruption

Many Nigerians from various divides have condemned the assessment of the state of corruption in the country now by former president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan by claiming that corrupt practices were not as worse as they are during the administration of his successor, President Muhammad Buhari. They added that the Otuoke, Bayelsa born politician should have buried his head in shame rather than seeking unnecessary political relevance after milking the country and leaving behind a dead economy which gave birth to the myriad problems Nigeria is facing at the moment.

Some Nigerians sought their opinion on this reacted bitterly, lashing out at the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) leader. They, however, blamed the present administration for not probing the former Commander-In-Chief of Federal Republic of Nigeria after his exit May 2015…


‘Jonathan should be ashamed’ – DELE AJIMOTI

“I don’t think the man understands what he’s saying. How can he say corruption is worse than it was under him? Has he forgotten that his administration planted the seed of the recession the country is going through now? He and his men stole Nigeria blind. That’s why we are where we are today. How many people, especially those currently in government have been arrested and detained for corrupt practices. All those have been probed so far were those that served under him. I think he should be ashamed of even talking in public let alone comparing corruption during his administration to the one under the present administration.”


‘I disagree with Jonathan on that’ – JOHN ODIGIE

“Jonathan’s statement is feeble. It shouldn’t be taken serious. He should even be probed for leading the whole country into this mess we are in. That’s hypocratic. He’s a visionless leader. Right under his watch, they perpetrated the highest corruption in the history of Nigeria. You can imagine how much Alison Diezani alone stole, so also many others during Jonathan’s administration.

We’re yet to hear that people have started stealing under Buhari. Instead, the man is recovering the loots perpetrated by Jonathan’s ministers, family members, aides and others who are directly or indirectly linked to him. I completely disagree with Jonathan on that. So, he should keep quiet.”


‘He should keep quiet’ – ABRAHAM MATHIAS

“If I were Jonathan, I wouldn’t have commented on corruption at all. Instead, I would have cooperated with Buhari In fighting the menace. He should keep quiet because he has no locus at all.”


‘The man doesn’t know what he’s saying’ – ABUBAKAR SALMAN

“I think the man doesn’t know what he’s talking about or maybe he just said that for people to remind Nigerians that he should be probed. He lacks the moral right to tell Nigerians that. We’re all living witnesses to what happened under his administration and what is happening now. Corruption was worse under Jonathan and that’s why our economy hasn’t come out of its sickness till date. Jonathan should just go and rest.”


‘He’s seeking political relevance’ – WALE OJEDEJI

‘Jonathan knows what he’s doing, it’s only those listening to him that don’t know what they’re doing. Nigerians are not fools. Although, things are not better off yet, we can’t compare corruption under his administration to the one under Buhari’s. Jonathan is only seeking for political relevance. He should just be ignored.”


‘Jonathan has no locus at all’ – MARY SALAS

“Jonathan has no locus at all. He should even be ashamed for commenting on either corruption or the nation’s security threat because everything got worse under his nose. He should retire to his palace in Otuoke and be watching how the nation will be turned around by Buhari. He’s only talking because he has not been arrested and probed.”


‘Buhari should just ignore Jonathan’ – EMMANUEL UZOCHUKWU

‘Jonathan doesn’t need to tell anybody that. In one of our proverbs, you don’t need a mirror to look at your wrist watch. It’s all what we can all testify to. The statement by Jonathan on corruption is empty. Buhari should just ignore the man and face his anti corruption crusade which has been yielding the desired results. The only appeal I will make to the present administration is that the money recovered so far should be pumped into the economy so that the country’s situation can be better.”


‘He’s looking for relevance’ – OLABISI DADA

“Jonathan just wants to be relevant again after having failed the nation. What’s his yardstick to show that corruption is worse under Buhari? He should just jeep shut. Everything happening to us now was caused by his carelessness. He’s just looking for unnecessary relevance. We don’t want his assessment on corruption. He should just face his business.”


‘I am not impressed at all’ – SALISU ABUBAKAR

“The man is not talking sense. I am not even impressed at all by his statement. I think it’s because Buhari heeded the call by people like Abdulsalami Abubakar not to disgrace him and his wife, that’s why he is talking on corruption. The money he alone and his family stole is enough to rule this country for four years without borrowing a dime. And more and more secrets are still being exposed concerning the atrocities committed by his government. Buhari is the only president that’s very passionate about anti corruption war. Although, he also needs to do more so that Nigeria can stabilize politically and economically. I agree that it’s not easy to rebuild a house that has been demolished. It takes time.”






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