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Kola Edun puts smiles on faces with S.T.E.L

Dr. Kola Edun is a philanthropist that has burdened himself with the responsibility of caring for the downtrodden for over 15 years.

Having grown up in the midst of affluence, Dr. Kola sees it as expedient to reach out to those who are challenged with the striking impoverishment in the country. His campaign of over a decade started with caring for children in schools, by providing a-meal per day for schools in Lagos; including Adisa Bashua Primary School. This project fortunately, has been adopted in the campaign promises of the present administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.

His most recent gesture, which held on September 9, 2015, at Adisa Bashua Primary School, was tagged Showing the Elderly Love (S.T.E.L), where different category of elders, numbering over 100 who can be described as vulnerable, selected from different local government areas, in Lagos state were treated to funfair, given free medical checkup, treatment and drugs, delighted with goody bags; containing rice, semovita etc.

Speaking on the rationale for his long-time desire to lending helping hand, Dr.Kola said “I’m assonate about helping people, that’s why without thinking twice I must always find time and resources to create these kind of opportunities for our people, who not by choice cannot meet up with life. For this month, we have decided to do S.T.E.L 2015, with the tagline: Each One Reach One.”

“This is the first edition, and we will do another in few weeks. Though projects like this cost millions to put together, we will never get tired. Majority of the funding comes from me; let’s say 90 percent, then from volunteers, who share the same desire to help others. We also have volunteer workers who we have to pay honorarium, then logistics, the goodies bags, the medical team and entertainment. What we aim to achieve is to put smiles on the faces of these people. As an orphan, I feel as if I’m carrying out a duty to my parents, by putting smiles on the faces of the elderly ones. Apart from those ones physically present at the venue, over 100 of them, we have to take the goody bags to some at home, because they can’t move down to this location for different reasons, health and otherwise.”

“Apart from this event, I have been involved in helping the people for over 15 years, because I derive joy. We have the feed-a-child-a-meal-per-day, which we are running in schools. This Adisa Bashau too is paramount on our list, we have provided them with uniforms and today we have brought another set of uniforms and this will continue, because we don’t intend to stop.”



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