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Lagos commuters recount pains of fuel scarcity

The better part of last week was not the best of times for Nigerian commuters and motorists as the scarcity of petroleum products, especially the Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) left many stranded and frustrated.

In Lagos mega city, it came with pains that drastically affected commuting. Some Lagosians recount their ordeal…


I was thinking things would be better by now but it is not. I went in search of fuel a couple of days ago, and after waiting for hours, it was just two cars away from mine when I was told fuel had finished. Can you imagine! The government should do something about it.

I bought it N120 per litre at Ipaja.


Yes, I am seriously affected. I couldn’t take my car out. Getting fuel is a tug of war, seriously. I don’t go out any how again. I bought a litre for N130 around Command area in Ipaja, Lagos.


It’s really bad but I am not drastically affected because I do not have a car which would have made me queue endlessly at the filling station. That would be waiting for a bus which may have been parked at the filling station or at home.

Also, transport fare went double due to this scarcity, therefore, making everyone restrict his movement.


I am not affected at all. I get fuel easily. At the moment, I have a full tank. So, I don’t think its affecting me.


Yes, it affected me a lot. I get to work late and also struggle to get a bus.


Yes, it was a story of pain for me and my staff. We usually drive together from Ojodu-Berger to Apapa for work. But with the scarcity of fuel, we had to go on public transport. Waiting for long hours for a bus, we paid through our nose. If we had gotten to work in time, we wouldn’t complain.

But it took us several hours to make it to and fro Apapa, Lagos.


Yes, I was affected by the needless fuel scarcity. In fact, my job suffered. I had to miss work for a day. I was also late for two other days. I do not wish a repeat of this pain.


The effect of the shortage of fuel on me was a bad one. I couldn’t fuel my car for three days, thereby, stopping me from contacting my clients. It saddens my heart to experience shortage of fuel in a country that has crude oil as one of its mineral resources. I had to queue at the filling station for four hours before I could get some fuel for my car and generating set.


It has not been easy at all. I can’t put on the generator in my house and I can’t use the generator in my office. It’s affecting my business.

The government should curb corruption and make sure they tackle al these problems decisively.


It has been hectic. I have not been able to take my car out for some days, and it is really affecting my business. There are places I should drive to for official reason.

I want the government to check where the scarcity is from and tackle it appropriately.



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