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Lamentations of prostitutes in 2016

Almost all businesses suffered in 2016 due to recession. Even commercial sex work, otherwise called prostitution was not left out.

ENCOMIUM Weekly’s findings revealed that those engaged in the illicit and embarrassing trade didn’t find it funny throughout the year, especially towards its end when the country’s economic situation got worse and revellers shunned most of the fun spots in Lagos metropolis therefore affecting the patronage of prostitutes in the areas.

Few of the prostitutes we had a chat with lamented the unpleasant situation, praying that the economy picks up in 2017 so that there will be a boost in their profession.


‘I don’t pray for a year like 2016 again’ – JULIET EKANEM

“To say the truth, 2016 was the worst year for me in this business. Even, that’s the reason I couldn’t travel home for yuletide. Most of us you see around didn’t travel for the festival because we didn’t really have much compared to 2015 when I travelled to my village with a lot of goods for my family.

Even, to feed in Lagos and pay rent has become extremely difficult for most of us, that’s why we collect any amount our customers can afford. Most of them have stopped patronizing us, everybody is just complaining of lack of money. Now, we charge as less as N2,000 per round of sex. Even, I can collect N 4,000 per night. There are many occasions I left this place without a kobo. So, you can see how worse the situation was in 2016, and nothing has changed yet.”


‘Things were so terrible towards the end of 2016’ – ABIGAIL

We don’t need to tell anybody that things were not okay in 2016, the situation in the country affected everybody. Even, the rich also cried. A lot of new entrants affected our runs and the few customers that came during the festive season switched to new faces even at cheaper rates.

So, things were so terrible for most of us towards the end of 2016, and we have started this year with complaints again. Most men don’t have our time now until they’re done with their children’s school fees. Those of hustling are really suffering now. Even, I will quit if the situation continues like this till June this year.


‘Our trade suffered a lot in 2016’ – JESSICA

I don’t want to recall all the ugly situations of 2016 at all. I believe the year has gone with all its rubbish. We didn’t make enough money at all. Most times, I went home with N 2,000 in the morning. Some men would change story after having slept with us. Being a prostitute is no longer profitable.

Most men only come and ask of the price, and immediately you tell them, they make u-turn. I am planning to go back to my normal vocation.


‘2016 was my worst year since I joined the business about 4 years ago’ – CHIZOM

I didn’t enjoy the business in 2016 at all. Although, I am not a full time runs girl, I only do it to complement my regular work. I work in a factory where I earn N20,000 monthly. We all know how the economy is. How much is N20,000 now? What can it buy in Nigeria of today? That’s why I come out thrice in a week.

Before, I was making up to N40,000 every week, but since September 2016 till date, I hardly make N20,000 weekly. Now, I have turned a gospel singer. I have even completed my single, waiting to see a marketer or sponsor that will help me on it so that my efforts won’t be a waste. If I am fortunate to get a promoter, I will dump prostitution. It’s ungodly and immoral. God frowns at it but the situation in the country pushed most of us to it.




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