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LASDRI calls for training of professional drivers

The Director of the Training Department, Lagos State Drivers’ Institute (LASDRI), Mrs. Bolanle Tiamiyu has called for training of all professional drivers in the State to reduce reckless driving and totally eradicate vices on Lagos roads.

She made the call during a programme on Traffic Radio 96.1FM, “Side Mirror”, which focused on capacity building for drivers with an emphasis on the mandate of the Drivers’ Institute.

Tiamiyu said the Lagos State Government, in a bid to encourage full participation by professional drivers and ensure safety on our roads, has therefore subsidized the training cost to Two Thousand Naira payable at designated banks once a year.

She revealed that three windows are available for training of drivers namely, the Mandatory Professional Drivers’ Course, the Rehabilitation Course and the Structured Course.

Speaking in a similar vein, an Instructor of the Lagos State Drivers’ Institute, Mr. Ola Onafowokan said the cost of training a driver is quite cheaper than the consequences of lack of experience, highlighting that an untrained driver can cause a lot of havoc to lives and property.

Onafowokan revealed that various equipment like Seat belt Convincer and Simulators have been put in place for satisfactory training and re-training of the drivers at the various centres across the State, adding that training sessions are conducted in different languages as applicable to the trainee.

She enjoined all drivers to ensure their driving skills are sharpened to make trips enjoyable, comfortable and safe at all times.



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