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Fashion revolves and the world rotates with it. Day in day out, new fashion trends are introduced by fashionistas and designers. This season involves a lot of bold colours, stripes and patterns. There are also no rules this season, almost anything goes. ENCOMIUM Weekly brings to you the latest fashion trends…


Shoulder cutout dresses

Shoulder cutout dresses or exposed shoulder dresses are slowing creeping into trend and they are being embraced by a lot of fashionistas. The cutout dresses are usually body fitted and midi. There are shoulder cutout blouses too and they also can be worn with denim trousers.



The fashion loving crowd have embraced the sneakers trend and have stuck to it to the extent that sneakers is worn with any type of outfit – maxi dress, skater skirts or dresses, denim, etc.

Sneakers are super comfortable and can be worn over anything.


Statement Glasses

Statement glasses are the in-thing at the moment, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be super sunny for you to have them on. You can simply slip them on to spice up your outfit for the day. Statement shades are all over the place in different shapes, sizes and don’t necessarily have to be an expensive designer or brand name


Shirt dress

The shirt dress is back in trend like it never left. The shirt dress can be worn casually with flat sandals or with a pair of heeled sandals. They come short, slightly above the knee, and really slim, usually with buttons all the way from the collar of the dress to the bottom. Some of the dresses usually come with belts made off the fabric.


Wide legged pants

The wide legged pants have been around since like forever and have refused to go out of trend. They go with about any type of top or blouse. They make one look chique and trendy. They can be worn formally and informally, also come in denim and other fabrics.



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