Leading fashion trends in universities

When it comes to exploring fashion trends in universities, a lot goes into the equation. For many, it is an age of awakening, where one explores different cultures and experiences with different social behaviours, away from the safe havens that are home and school.

Here are some of the newest university trends. It is important to remember that university lasts between two and four years for most, meaning that campus fashion is forever changing, with fresh faces and styles coming every year, whilst some others exit unnoticed.

JUMPSUIT: this has been around for a while, but now they are really hot. There are jumpsuits for any occasion now, both formal and informal styles.

CROP-TOP: This has been around since the 70’s and recently became more popular. They look great on young ladies and are worn casually but can also be worn in elegant styles.

RIPPED JEANS: Also know as distressed or crazy jeans. This has been in vogue for a very long time. If you want to spice up your wardrobe, you need to have one or two pairs of ripped jeans. Buying a ripped jeans can be expensive but you can rip your own with the right steps and materials.

PENCIL SKIRT: A black pencil skirt is most arguably one of the most versatile items every woman should have in her wardrobe, then all other colours can follow. From floral to printed, strip, polka dots, lace designs, all have their own unique style. Of course, leather pencil skirt is the newest. The leather pencil skirt gives a woman that daring look that would turn heads wherever she goes.

ENCOMIUM Weekly sampled the opinion of fashionable damsels.

I love to dress well -SANDRA WILLIAMS

What inspires your dress sense?

I love to dress well. I feel happy when I get compliments on my dressing.

Where do you get fashionable items to buy?

I don’t really go to a particular place. Whenever I see what I like and I have the money on me, I go for it

How much does it cost to be fashionable?

It is a bit costly, but if you can work your way around what you have then you will spend less.


‘It costs a lot to look good always’ -ADEDAYO FOLORUNSHO

What inspires your dress sense?

When I see people who dress well, I look for the item in the market and the fact that I like to look good.

Where do you get fashionable items to buy?

I patronize a boutique where I buy most of my clothes. They have good clothes that last long.

How much does it cost to be fashionable?

It costs a lot to look good always. If you really want to keep up the standard of everyday gorgeous look, then you need to have money because those fashionable items don’t come cheap.


‘Being fashionable is not a child’s play’ -TOSIN OJO

What inspires your dress sense?

I get inspired by celebrities. They are always on point, they wear it first and all that.

Where do you get fashionable items to buy?

I like visiting reputable shops that have household names. I think there I am rest assured that I won’t buy anything fake, although very expensive.

How much does it cost to be fashionable?

Being fashionable is not a child’s play, it costs a lot of money depending on what you buy. Some people like fashion items that are trending and those items cost a lot. But if one can go for the less trending items, it’s better because they are cheaper.


‘I buy my clothes during sales’ -CHINWE ALO

What inspires your dress sense?

I like wearing nice clothes that fit my stature and size. Every woman has a natural love for fashion.

Where do you get fashionable items to buy?

I get most of them on the Island. There you will find new things in trend and they’re cheaper.

How much does it cost to be fashionable?

I think it costs a lot. There was a time I went shopping on the Island and I came across a shop where they were running sales. Clothes that went for like N5,000 will be sold half the price or lower. These clothes are old stock but still fashionable, since then I most likely buy my clothes during sales.




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