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Mad rush for sweet potatoes as price of new yam still unaffordable

There is a mad rush for sweet potatoes right now across Lagos state as checks across major markets reveal housewives, mothers have been purchasing sweet potatoes as it is the cheapest food available right now.
With N100, one can purchase a handful of sweet potatoes that can be filling for three children. There is also N200 worth that can feed two adults  and a child, while a bucketfull is sold for N300 which can be enough to feed a household.
Sweet potatoes come in small and big sizes. Findings reveal there is more demand for sweet potatoes compared to yam. A tuber of yam is sold for N500 – N700, depending on how big it is. But with N300, a family will be satisfied. Sweet potatoes have good nutritional values such as improving blood sugar regulation, serves as anti inflammatory nutrients, and has antioxidants as well.
– Shade Wesley Metibogun for 



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