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‘Marriage and having children not for every woman’- Liz Anjorin

PETITE and light-complexioned Yoruba movie star actress, Alhaja Lizzy Aisha Anjorin is known as one of the most fashionable and romantic faces in the Nigerian film industry, Nollywood.  The beautiful thespian, better known as Kofo the first lady, is not only an actress but a serial entrepreneur.  Speaking with ENCOMIUM Weekly, the Badagry, Lagos born entertainer opened up on her six new movies, her outfit, Peak me and many more…

What have you been up to?

Since I released my last movie, Kofo the first lady, I decided to rest for a while because the role was very challenging but I thank God I was able to pull through.  I just finished producing six movies that would be released soon.  I produce my own movies because I am proud and passionate about my brand and my name.  Everything is not about the clothes we put on, the



amount of money we throw around or the most expensive gadgets we carry around.  We should pay more attention to things that would change the lives of people around us and the society at large.

How would you describe 2014, career wise?

Words cannot describe the gratitude I feel inside me all through 2014 and this year.  I would say, 2014 was a success story and a fantastic year for me.  Like everybody knows, I am an orphan and I am happy I’m doing good in my chosen career and business.  2014 made me have a vision for this year.  There are so many times that you will have a vision but you won’t be able to focus but in 2015, I have more ideas and vision which I know will be possible through focus and the grace of Allah.

How would you rate the success of your movie, Kofo the first lady?

With the help of the Almighty God and my hard work, the movie was fantastic because it did very well and was well accepted by my fans.  The movie opens up on politics, ordinary people and many more other things affecting the society.  The movie had the best costumes, picture quality, good sound effect, location and best character for each role and more important, the role I played in the movie.  The movie was a big success for me.

Would you say you have been able to recover all the money invested in the movie?

I would say a yes and no because of piracy.  The issue of piracy has eaten deep into the alimentary canal of Nigerians that movie producers are scared because everyone expects that, when you invest a certain amount of money in a movie, you expect huge returns.  But I still thank Allah because it is a movie of prestige.  I think the government needs to come out and produce a good move not just declaring they have given out a certain amount of money to Nollywood because I would say, we are yet to receive the money.  All I am saying is that, we don’t need huge amount of money to produce a movie but the government should curb or eradicate piracy.  The government needs to make provisions for us, not by giving out money when it is time for campaigns.

What are the major challenges of being a celebrity and living a regular life?

Inasmuch as I try to always be myself all the time, I still have issues with insecurity because as a celebrity and a businesswoman, I have restricted my movement because I do not want to be kidnapped.  As a producer, I work hard and expect little.  Like I mentioned, the government is the main problem we have and it all boils down to piracy.  Government urgently needs to do something about it.  But psychologically, the issue of insecurity is really affecting us, not only as a celebrity, but the society at large.  The country is so bad that some artistes cannot even boast of N100,000 in their account.

Your outfit, Peak me, has been locked for a long time now, what happened?

Nothing.  Peak me is still running very fine, it’s just that we open late and we close very early because of insecurity.  Gone are the days when we do not have anything like this happening but it is so sad it gets rough by the day.  Peak me has another outlet that is running efficiently and we still have all our customers patronizing us.  So many things happened last year and many people were kidnapped and I do not want anything to happen to my stuff because I am passionate about them.  Also, being a celebrity is not cheap.

Can you tell us briefly about the movies you just finished producing?

The first is entitled, Obirin lo lomo.  That is, it is only a woman that can determine the paternity of her child, not the man.  I was inspired by cases of paternity issues all over the world.  As sad as it is, these things are not supposed to be.

I also worked on Iyawo Oloruka, meaning legal wife.  The movie portrays how men treat their wives without respect.  Some of these men believe once they have paid the bride price of a woman and they have gone to the registry, they feel they own the woman and can treat her anyhow.  Once it is released, it should be must watch for every household.

I also produced a movie entitled, Beta Pikin, this movie talks about young men who do not want to work but depend on women because they are lazy and these women take advantage of them.  By that, I mean spiritually.

The movie, Criminal No. 9, would be out soon.  In the movie, I played a double role – a man and a woman.  It was very challenging.

Also, the movie, Awele omo odo.  The movie opens up about house-helps who are so close to you and you do not mind giving them whatever they need to be comfortable and they turn their back against you.  At a particular point in the year, these house-helps go home to visit their families where they poison their minds about so many things and they come back with evil plans for their bosses in order to impress their families in the village.

When are these movies going to be released?

By the special grace of the Almighty God, two of these movies would be released soon.

Any marriage plans?

I will surely do that once the time is right.  One thing I always tell people is not everyone is meant to have kids or even get married.  So live your life and when that time is right, you will definitely meet that perfect person.

What should your fans expect from you?

They should expect something unique they can learn from.  I try my best in my storylines and the character I play. I also intend to change for good both business and careerwise because if you have a good business, you will have a good life.




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