Marriage break-ups of 2015

2015 has been a great year, with loads of weddings, marriages, births, deaths and breakups. ENCOMIUM Weekly brings you some of the most shocking marriage breakups of 2015…



January 15,  2014-2015, (1 year)

Toke Makinwa and Maje Ayide got married in 2014, after their on and off relationship that spanned 12 years. They got married on Wednesday, January 16, 2014, at Ikoyi Registry, Ikoyi, Lagos, with family and few friends in attendance. It was a low key ceremony and a small wedding dinner party was organized for the couple by their friends, Abi and Funke Kuku, at their home.

However, in June 2015, tales of Maje impregnating long time lover, Anita Solomon went viral and the internet was agog with the news. Anita Solomon, who was alleged to be pregnant for Maje was said to have been in a relationship with him for over eight years.

The pair have however, not come forward to make an official statement on the issue, but Maje has severally apologized via his Instagram. In one of the apologies he shared a photo of her and wrote:

“I am working to express my sincerest apologies to my wife. I was wrong, it is indefensible and I am sorry. I deeply regret what my wife and family had to endure. My behaviour has caused a lot of anguish to everyone.  Though this matter has been very public in nature, it is a private issue and I would appreciate the opportunity to face it privately. I love my wife and will make every effort to make things right cc @tokemakinwa.”

Obviously, the most talked about breakup in 2015, the Maje, Toke and Anita love triangle still remains unraveled as we can’t categorically tell if divorce has been filed far but, we do know that Toke has since moved out of their home and has been handling the situation well.

Tales of the two reconciling have been going around as the two were spotted at the Corporate Elite 2015 event a few weeks back, taking selfies and all cozy up to each other. We do hope they find their way to renewing their vows as Maje continually tries to woo Toke back.



This seems to be the most scandalous breakup of 2015. Former international soccer star, John Fashanu and his estranged wife and mother of Adaeze Yobo, Abigail Igwe kicked off their relationship in 2009 and got married in 2011. Their marriage collapsed in April 2014. Divorce was initiated in September 2014.

The couple accused each other of several unbelievable allegations, in different interviews with ENCOMIUM Weekly earlier this year. When the news of their divorce mess broke in April 2015, ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with John Fashanu and he revealed mind-boggling allegations. He called her a chameleon. “She’s a chameleon, and she changed her colour. Living with her was like living with the leader of Boko Haram. She was very violent, and I had two police reports in three years.”

He alleged that she was possessed and his pastor told him to fear for his life. That she was only after his money and he debunked her allegations of sleeping with the maid and catching him in a threesome.  He called her a lesbian and said he had caught her with her spiritual partners. He said she was jobless and had no office though she claimed she was a lawyer.

He said the marriage was a scam. She refused to cook for him and his friends and attacked him with a sword and broken bottle. According to him, she is beautiful on the outside and very violent on the inside.

On Monday, April 27, 2015, Abigail Igwe also had a chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly. She refuted the allegations hauled at her. She called him a chronic liar who was looking for another person to drown with. She claimed she was not a loud person and that she kicked him out so many times, because he was continually defrauding people just because his wife was a lawyer. She narrated how he defrauded many footballers from poor families and threatened them with guns to the extent that they were crying.

She also denied him buying her any car. She said John was the one stalking her and scribbling things on her car. Though he accused her of stalking him first saying she used to sneak into his 20-bedroom flat in Abuja.  She also called him a chameleon, and a manipulator with many characters. She said John pressurized her into marrying him and that he didn’t have money before they got married and pretended well about it. She further claimed she was the one paying the rent, and debunked the tale that she never worked.

She boldly stated that she works and takes care of her children who school in the UK and America. According to her, “He lies and forgets because he is a chronic liar.” She denied being a lesbian, and that she was never caught with anybody. She named him a serial house help abuser and exonerated herself of his accusations about her being a violent woman.

ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with John Fashanu on Saturday, May 2, 2014, and he said she was an angry woman saying nonsense. He said she spend N200,000 to buy padded pants.

“If any woman can send N200,000 to make her bum look bigger, then she has a challenge. When we got home, I saw a flat bum. That was not what I was expecting. People should know she has a flat bum bum.”

The accusations were indeed unbelievable and scandalous, as some of their claims were as mind blogging as they were annoying.



July 8,  2013-2015 (2 years plus)

Alleged marital infidelity finally forced the beautiful actress, Toyin Aimakhu to walk out on her marriage with her handsome actor husband, Adeniyi Johnson.

The couple got married on Monday, July 8, 2013, at the Ikoyi Marriage Registry, Ikoyi, Lagos, with family and few friends. They had private reception where they hosted a few guests.

In January 2015, barely a year and 6 months after their marriage, tales of a split made the rounds and the couple released a joint statement confirming the challenges they were facing in their marriage. They said they were still together and during the celebration of their second wedding anniversary the couple flooded their social media accounts with photos of each other declaring love.

Around August 2015, news went around again that their marriage was in trouble. Toyin removed her husband’s name from Mrs on Instagram, changing it from Toyin Aimahku-Johnson to Toyin Aimakhu. She also deleted some of Niyi’s pictures from her page, indirectly informing the world that all is not well with them.

The husband, however, tried to apologize via his Instagram account on Monday, August 26, 2015, to his wife and admitted that it was all his fault.

“To dear the air of the recent happenings, I, Adeniyi Johnson is at fault and not my wife. She reacted according to her pains and we all have different ways of reacting. I beg everyone to please, stop throwing banters and insults, you can channel all anger and grievances towards me and not her, instead of abuses I would rather beg you to join me in apologizing to my daring, lovely and adorable wife, Olutoyin, I’m deeply sorry. Please I promise to make things right. I don’t want a broken home. #shecaughtmeflirting #dirtychat @timakhutoyin.”

On October 23, 2015, Toyin took to her Instagram page to plead with her fans to stop pressuring her over her personal issues.

“I have loved, I have trusted, I have been hurt, severally, still I have been faithful to love. There comes a time however, when one needs to be faithful to self. My peeps it will be totally insensitive of the not to dear the air on some issues concerning my relationship. I know you all over me and want the best for me, but I need you to truth me on this.”

Trust me I want the best for myself too. If you truly love me and wish me well, please help me focus on my professional career. I want to be the best I can be and bring joy to as many as I can. I have taken a decision I know is best for my well being for now and all I need from all are your prayers and unwavering support.

Please, do not let me dwell on the past, it is hurting. I want to heal. Please help me in my healing process. I need to heal first. The simple thing I need you all to do for me is stop the pressure on me over my personal issues. Help me grow professionally, criticize my work. I have many of them. I love you all.”

Toyin has however been said to have moved on and started a relationship with Seun Egbegbe, but she hasn’t come forward to debunk or admit the tale. We also cannot tell if she has officially filed for divorce.



April 2013-2015 (2 years plus)

The duo got married in a private and very initiate court wedding at the Ikoyi Registry on Friday, April 12, 2013.

They separated on grounds of domestic violence, leaked messages between Precious and a friend was all over the internet. She alleged 2Shortz began abusing her physically in 2014, a year after they got married and welcomed their first child together.

In the message she alleged that the first time he hit her was last year when he pushed her to the ground and on another occasion he was driving and was taking about her makeup and how she looked like a whore with it. She said he seized her daughter’s passport so she wouldn’t take her to Ireland. She also stated in the messages with her friends that she left her education and married him, and that she sacrificed two years of her life for him trying to build a home and constantly footing all the bills and expenses. She complained bitterly about how he brings no income but yet disrespects her at any chance he gets. According to her, she started a hair business upon moving to Nigeria last year, but he told her to stop the business because the girls that patronized her were runs girls and they would influence her wrongly.

“That fateful night, he started hitting me and punching and kicking, I didn’t retaliate. I laid there and took it like a man. I heard the baby crying on the floor, the neighbours came out and starting knocking on the door but he didn’t open. I went into the room to cool off and called his parents. At this time, I was pacifying the baby. He came in there and pulled me from the bed saying, I must leave his house that night. I told him I wouldn’t go anywhere and then he tried to slap me, I dodge it and the slap landed on my daughter’s face. I was so heartbroken. I felt like I had failed as a mom. I didn’t protect her enough.”

She further revealed he threatened her that no one would marry her again because she has two kids.

“He’s not a bad person. It is just the anger that everything isn’t working for him. His career is suffering and he’s slowly losing his fame which I understand, as a man if you are no longer  able to provide, you get aggravated at the slightest thing, but still I was doing it, I am not even asking for anything in return just a bit of respect for myself and for my family. He would call my mother all sorts of names. I have never disrespected his parents. He hasn’t even paid my bride price because of money and I am covering up for him to my family. This is a man I would give my bank cards and he would over spend but I wouldn’t say anything all in the name of marriage and love and husband.”

She alleged that he said he saw a prophet and he was told she was the cause of his downfall and his deteriorating career. He further threatened to leak their sextape.

Precious has since run away to Ireland with her kids and 2Shortz has not made any statement whatsoever to either debunk or admit the allegations against him by his wife.




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