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A couple of days back, popular On Air Personality, Micah Aruocha also known as Mc Ice lost his aged father, Chief Maurice Enyiukwu Aruocha Njimogu. He died in his sleep. ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with him on life and times of his late father.


Accept our condolences on the demise of your father?

Thanks a lot.

How did you hear the news?

I was on air on Monday, September 8. Just when I was to start my Eko FM’s radio show, after finishing Traffic Radio’s version, I checked my phone and saw an SMS from our last born stating that dad had given up’. From him, I learnt he slept on Sunday and wouldn’t wake up on Monday morning. They thought he was just taking time to wake as he had been accustomed to. But he never did, he passed on in his sleep.


Was he sick or what?

He was not really sick but sometime back, he was taken to the hospital after complaining of different things. The doctor said it was natural with his age that he should keep coming around for medical checkup.

When last did you hear from him?

Thanks to technology and my family, God so kind, I just got back two weeks before we lost him. We took a family picture which is now his last. My wife said he repeatedly told them the one he took personally should be what should be the one used while bringing him out of the mortuary. I was telling my wife it is rather uncharitable to start speaking of death because I still want to be seeing him around.

How will you describe him?

He was always there for us even though he was too strict to a fault. During his last days, he overlooked a lot of things and we kept making jest of him. We were always saying, daddy is now gentle.

Greatest advice he ever gave you?

He was always saying, if you know how to pound, pound in the mortar. But if you don’t, pound on your laps, which translates to a lot. It means, do the needful as at when due and be accountable for such deeds.

What will you miss about him?

The huge vacuum no one can ever replace but I must say I will miss his way of doing things. He would always say forgive but don’t forget because only fools have short memory to forget, but remember and when you do, do it with joy.

What about the burial plan?

The family has not yet decided, he was a chief. So, a lot of things are involved.

What about his wife?

My sweet mom, till date is a fashion designer. Anna is her name. While daddy was alive, he had poultry in his country home even while he was in active service at Nigerian German Chemical Limited.




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