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Meet the 7 people who went on the Heineken 192 countries campaign trip

Heineken had the entire country buzzing earlier this year when they began the Heineken #192Countries Campaign.

What was the gag?

You could win a chance to visit some of the countries in which Heineken is currently being sold just by using the Shazam app to scan a code which unlocks a country.

7 lucky Nigerians won the opportunity of a lifetime to tour the world for ten days and in case you were wondering who they are, here’s a hint: they are just like us.

1. The Selfie-takers: Let’s not act like selfies are not important. An all-expense paid trip around the world is cool and all but what fun is it if you don’t have any front camera action.

2. The History-lovers: Some people are looking for proof of a good time, some just wanted to soak up the culture and history of the country. Visiting ancient sites and museums in a foreign country is definitely an experience of a lifetime so why not take it all in?

3. The Sociable Ones:  You win a trip to Europe courtesy of the #Heineken192Countries campaign, you really want to meet people from 192 countries.

4. The Adrenaline Junkies: Rollercoasters and scary rides are not for everyone but for those who have a thrill for adventure, Amsterdam was definitely the place to be. Chilly weather or not, some of the tourists went out to play and had the rush of a lifetime.

5. The Shopaholics: You can’t return to Nigeria after taking a trip to the abroad without coming back with goodies. Some of the tourists traveled fully prepared to take on the Amsterdam market and return victorious.

6. The Amateur Photographers: With scenery as gorgeous as the landscape in Amsterdam, the inner photographer in anyone is bound to come through. From the vintage feel of the country to the waterside, the tourist took some incredulous shots of the country space.

7. The Foodies: Good food is essential to human survival and it is a more amazing experience when you get to discover new meals from other parts of the world. While some people were looking for jollof rice on the menu, other were embracing the delicious palettes of Amsterdam.



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