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Miss Nigeria 2015: ‘I really wanted to win’ – Pamela Peter Vigboro, Miss Nigeria 2015


Thank you.

How does it feel emerging the winner?

It feels very exciting. I thank God for it.

Did you envisage you would get to this stage?

I just kept a positive mindset.

So, what got you the crown?

I think my constant attitude of keeping a positive mindset. I refused to think of anything fearful or negative.

Is this the first time of going for a pageant?

No, but this is the first time of coming first.

Which other pageant have you gone for?

I was runner up for Miss Niger Delta in 2013.

What pet project do you have in mind?

It will be centred around value re-orientation and capacity building for young Nigeria women.

What went through your mind when they said there was a tie?

I was really nervous. My heart was beating really fast. I really wanted to win.

What word of encouragement do you have for youth who look up to you as role model?

I will advise them to face their dreams. They shouldn’t let it go until they see it happen.



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