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Mixed reactions greet Buhari’s war against corruption

President Muhammadu Buhari’s fight against corruption has sent jilters down the spines of some corrupt public office holders. And the exercise has started yielding the desired results.

Although, some Nigerians have been criticizing Buhari’s approach, alleging sentiment and all that. Those that ENCOMIUM Weekly sought their views on the issue also poured out their mind…


‘He has done nothing significant’


Buhari has not done much. All he has been doing is sacking and replacing people. Does that mean those people coming in fell from the skies and are not Nigerians? Let’s see if his appointees will do any better. For me, he has done nothing significant, and until he does, he has not delivered on his election promise.


‘Pressmen should desist from whipping up speculation…’


I have come to realise that it is very difficult, if not impossible, to satisfy we Nigerians. And I want to advise you press men, you should desist from whipping up speculation and creating unnecessary tension in the polity. That said, Buhari is a man of vision.

And one thing about people with vision is that you can’t understand their methods until the results become obvious. So, I would say we should keep our fingers crossed and see how Buhari flushes corruption out of Nigeria in four years.


‘Corruption cannot be completely eradicated in our polity, but it can be reduced drastically’


I think the President has never hidden his hatred for corruption and bad governance. And this is what many of us who worked for him to be the president have been expecting him to tackle. And so far, I am impressed that he started the fight well. This is a democratic dispensation.

And the President has been fighting it in a democratic way. He has simply given the anti-graft agencies the necessary independence to do their work. It’s now all about the EFCC and the ICPC to do their work. And I am happy they are now doing it the way it is supposed to be. Right now, Hurricane Buhari has started working for Nigeria. So, corruption itself is now afraid to continue to stay impunitively in Nigeria.

So far Mr. President is living true to his assurances that he would tackle corruption inclusively in the country. But expectedly, corruption would definitely fight back. It has the power to fight back and if possible frustrate the efforts of Mr. President, but corruption cannot be completely eradicated in our polity, but it can be reduced drastically.

And that is what Mr. President is doing. I am happy he is fighting it and fighting it according to democratic norms and process. And to those who don’t want him to probe the administration of Goodluck Jonathan, the question I want to ask them is what are they afraid of?

If Jonathan governed the country well, the results of the probe would show it and he would be given credit for it. And to those who want him to probe some APC leaders for corruption, these APC leaders were not in Jonathan’s government and neither did any of them work for the Federal Government of PDP for the 16 years. PDP has been the one in charge of the Federal Government for 16 years, and so, it is only normal that most of the people that the probe would visit are PDP people. It is normal that Buhari probes the government which handed over to him and the people who worked in that government and in that party. This is Buhari’s focus and not those who were not in power.

And the best way he can improve on it is to continue to block all the holes of financial misappropriation in governance; give the EFCC and ICPC the free hand to continue to do their work. And if possible, very fast, embark on necessary judicial reforms that will look into the creation of special court dedicated to anti-graft cases. There should be a special court to ensure speedy and professional trial of corruption cases, so that those who are guilty of corruption could be brought to book.


I’m pleased with what he’s doing’


I am pleased with President Muhammadu Buhari’s approach in fighting corruption, and left to me, it has started yielding the desired results. For the first in the history of democratic governance, anti-corruption crusade has been successful, created fear in the mind of the ruling class, and that’s enough to show that Buhari is working.

Buhari has been able to expose those that have looted the country’s treasury blind. But if he wants his good effort and intention to be crowd time, he should take his time and look for people of like minds to work with as cabinet members, even if they have to come from other political parties.


‘God will help him make the country a better place’


I will say, he started on a good note. He should keep it up. God will help him make the country a better place.

He should look into all sectors of the economy, especially the oil sector, CBN, and other institutions. He should probe them all. If not, corruption will continue in those institutions.


‘There are sentiments to what he is doing’


He is going about it wrongly. I believe there are sentiments to what he is doing. He should start with his own people. I mean, charity begins at home. A lot of APC members should be probed too.



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