Mnet splashes N20 million on guests appearances in Big Brother Hotshots

Mnet and Endemol, organizers of the biggest reality show in Nigeria is sparing no cost to ensure the smooth sail of the 2014 edition of the show tagged, The Hotshots.

ENCOMIUM Weekly check revealed that no less than N20 million has been lavished on guest appearances in Big Brother Hotshots.

Information pieced together by ENCOMIUM Weekly also revealed that guests are reportedly paid a million naira each to appear on Big Brother Hotshots apart from other perks that come with it. Guests are usually lodged into five-star hotel and given VIP treatment in South Africa for the number of days they would be visiting and, a return ticket is also provided by the organizers for their flight back home.

At the commencement of the reality show, Desmond Eliot was the first caller at The Big Brother Hotshots.

The handsome actor visited the house mates in conjunction with a non-profit organization in order to create awareness about the world’s deadly virus Ebola. His visit lighted up Biggie’s house as housemate swarmed round him taking photographs.

In a bid to surprise and play pranks on housemates, 10 ex-housemates were invited for guests appearances.

Feza from Tanzania, Sulu from Zambia, Miss P from Botswana, Uti from Nigeria, Natasha from Malawi, Elikem from Ghana, Leonel from Mozambique, Luclay from South Africa, Denzel from Uganda, Vimbai from Zimbabwe were all flown to South Africa all on the organizers bill. They spent a week in Big Brother house playing alongside the housemates. They were flown back to their base after a week in South Africa.

They all enjoyed the perks of visitation and had Africa’s eyes on them 24/7. Two models were also brought in to pay housemates a courtesy visit. We learnt they also enjoyed the perks of office.

Meanwhile, no housemate was evicted this week, though Biggie played a prank on them.

He hid three out of them Tayo, Sipe and Ellah in the dairy room so, other housemates thought three people were to be evicted. He later announced it was the ex Big Brother housemates that were leaving the show. No one was evicted.




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