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More applause for government swap of 82 Chibok girls with terrorists

Reactions have been trailing the move of the federal government in ensuring the release of 82 of the Chibok Girls that were kidnapped on April 14, 2014. While some Nigerians think it’s an excellent move, others condemned it bitterly, saying it’s a cowardly  move. brings you Nigerians’ views on the development…



Mustapha Kabiru

It’s a good move from the federal government. It’s only the parents of those girls that will know the value of what the government has done. I am happy the federal government is doing everything humanly possible to rescue the girls, I won’t condemn the move. I will rather praise them. And I’m sure those Boko Haram members were released based on conditions. They would have taken their biometrics, then released them on account of “sin no more”. If they are caught again in terrorism, I’m sure the government won’t pardon them.


Akindele Moyinoluwa.

I’m happy the government took such a bold step, at least the Federal government is not lying about it. Nothing is too much to get those girls out of captivity, they’ve spent over 3 years there already. Their parents have suffered a great deal, they deserve to be happy again.


Temideni Yusuf

I think it’s a good one from the federal government. The girls deserve freedom after all these years of living a life that is not theirs. They don’t eat or wear what they like, some of them have been killed, some have been sold to slavery. I know the outside world will condemn this action, but we don’t need their approval to do anything. This is our own country, let’s secure it, protect our citizens the best way we can. Nothing is too much  to give in exchange for life. The government has done well.


Egbeyemi Bukola

There are two ways to this. We would agree that innocent lives were saved, but at the same time, there is a drastic increase in the number of terrorists as well. What gives us the assurance that they won’t strike again? Exchanging those terrorists with the girls only shows how weak we are as a nation, it shows cowardice on the part of the armed forces. There should have been a better way.


Adeleke Naomi

The move has shown that the federal government values the life of Nigerians. We appreciate the government for the heroic move and we also pray for a better tomorrow for the country.


Akpamida Hephzibah

If the armed forces are not capable of what they are there for, they should just let us know. How will they exchange criminals for innocent people for goodness sake? And they even have the guts to say it out, it’s a big shame.


Pedro Oluwafemi

We should just stop deceiving each other in this country. Will the federal government now tell us they don’t know these people’s hide-out all these while? If they want to be praised for a job well done, they should have done it in a better way. The exchange or should I call it transaction is not legitimate. But I will like to congratulate the girls for their freedom and pray the remaining ones to get freed too, legitimately.


Umar Abass

I support what the government has done, I applaud the move. I will appreciate it more if the government can make efforts to rescue the other people. No one deserves to be in bondage, not even for that long. Those criticising the government don’t have human feelings. If Boko Haram had asked for ransom, wouldn’t we have asked the government to pay since all these while. After all, some people have been embezzling this money and we couldn’t do anything about it. Thank God for girls all the way.


-Azeezat Kareem and Shukurat Alimi for



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