Most Eligible Bachelors on parade (2) -Kalu Ikeagwu

ALL married men were once bachelors.  As sweet as bachelorhood is, there will be a time to quit this group.  It becomes worrisome when a man refuses to leave bachelorhood.  Such are classified as chronic bachelors. kaluENCOMIUM Weekly presents some eligible bachelors…


Nollywood hunky star actor and writer was born in Ireland though from Abia state. He was introduced to the make belief world by his father, Dr. E.K Ikeagwu. The fair-skinned dude is a gentleman to the core. He is also blessed with impeccable oratory and attitude. Kalu has been linked with some colleagues. He was once linked with Bimbo Akintola  and Alex Okoroji. He has over the years kept to the ideology of whom he wants. She has to be Mrs. Right.

“First, I go for intrinsic characteristics. Another thing is moral standard. She must believe in God. She has to be intelligent, kind and also encourage me to be a better person because I am a bit selfish. She has to be beautiful.”




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