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MTN inspires Nigerian youth to follow their passion in New TVC

It would not be out of place to say that every Nigerian youth has been there. In that place where nothing seemed to be working and situations just felt relatively hopeless but instead of throwing in the towel, strength comes from somewhere deep inside and you think, ‘we move!’ 

This is why MTN Nigeria’s newly launched Television Commercial tagged ‘We Move’ resonates with youths all over the country. The commercial tells the story of a Nigerian University student who was well-known on campus for cooking delicious meals, so delicious that people would gather into his room just to have a taste. 

As a result of the staggering unemployment rate in the country, this young man graduates from school, is thrown into the job market and is unable to get employment. After a day of job hunting, he would go home and make delicious meals for his flatmates and kick off again the next day. 

One day, while job searching, he gets inspired to start a food delivery business, building on his cooking skills and turning it into a business. He puts in the work, selling his food online and in no time, his food delivery business starts booming. 

It is no wonder that youths have taken to social media to speak about how MTN’s ‘We Move’ TVC has inspired them to continue to strive for progress, taking advantage of opportunities found within their current situations. 

With ‘We Move’, MTN is reminding Nigerians that with its ecosystem of leading digital solutions, it levels the playing field, giving everyone the opportunity to apply their energy to achieve brighter lives; and together drive collective progress. The campaign is expected to reinforce the sense of hope in Nigerians and help them overcome their frustrations and fears to enable them to feel empowered, energized and optimistic. 



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