‘Music has brought me back to life’ -MAY D

POPULAR and talented singer, Akinmayokun Awodumila, a.k.a May D, who has been enjoying huge success in his career over the years with the release of hit singles like Ile Ijo, Many things, Get me high, get down and many more, has released a new single entitled, Ale yi. 

He opened up about his music career and more in this interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly.

How would you rate your music career?

may2My music career has been great so far.  I have dropped many singles like Ile Ijo, Many things, Get me, Get down and may more and they’re doing great.  So, I would say it has been amazing so far.

You just released a new single, Ale yi.  Please, can you tell us about it?  What inspired it?

It dropped on Valentine’s Day.  It’s for lovers.  Just trying to say we are going to have a good time tonight.

How is the reception?

The reception is wonderful and amazing.

Will you say leaving P-Square has affected your career positively or negatively?

I think everything that happens is for a reason and God knows the reason I left P-Square.  I thank God for all that I have achieved today.

What has music done for you so far?

There are so many things music has done for me.  The most important thing is that, it brought me back to life.

When will you release an album?

Basically, I dropped my first album in May 2014, with collaboration in and out of Africa and I’m currently working on my sophomore album.

How is your love life?

I prefer to keep that private.

How is your son doing?

I love my son so much and he is doing really well.

What is your relationship with your baby mama?

I prefer to keep that private.

When are you walking down the aisle?

I believe God’s time is the best.  No plans for marriage for now.

Who is your role model in the industry?

I love Chris Brown because he is hard working and does the kind of music I want to hear all the time.

What are your expecting from God in terms of your career?

I just want Him to keep blessing me because everything I am doing I owe it all to Him.





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