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‘My best outing was in London’’ – Popular broadcaster Akinkunmi Alabi

Akinkunmi Alabi is one of the popular broadcasters in the South West. He hails from Osogbo and he has been to places doing what he knows best. He had his silver jubilee celebration as a broadcaster in Osogbo, on Sunday, September 13, 2015, at WOCDIF Centre, Osogbo. The AA Foundation which he promoted was also launched at the event.

In a phone chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly, Akinkunmi said he enjoys doing the job of a broadcaster, because it gives one good image and platform to showcase skills.

“Before you introduce yourself, you are already known and when you get yourself introduced you earn more respect. It is quite interesting and encouraging when people appreciate you”, he said.

Would it be possible for him to recall the event he compeered and he felt most honoured? ‘Yes, of course. I have had privilege of being master of ceremonies at different events but there is one that I cherish most and it was the annual get together by Osogbo in London in 1998. I was invited to London with my flight tickets paid for and I was lodged in a very good hotel. I felt honoured considering the fact that I am a native of Osogbo too and it was a special privilege to have my trip sponsored by the association.”


What if he had not been a broadcaster, what would he have been?

“I would have gone to the university to read medicine and would have been a medical doctor because I love caring for the people”, he stated.

Speaking on how he felt as he celebrates 25 years as a broadcaster, a sense of total and deep happiness was visible on his face. “I am quite elated, I thank God for His Mercies. It is not by my power, it is a special privilege and divine support. It is not by talents, it is presence of divine grace.”

What should fans expect from him? “I thank the people for their support and I seek for more continued support. I can assure them that they would have a more rejuvenated Akinkunmi Alabi’.

Is Akinkunmi Alabi also into acting?

“Yes, I have taken up roles and acted in a good number of films. I got featured in ‘Olowo Posi’, ‘Iru oka’, ‘Ogidan’, and others.”




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