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My chances are bright – Hon. Bayo Osinowo

Hon Sikiru Adebayo Osinowo aka Pepper is one of the most ranking of Lagos House of Assembly. He has been a member of the assembly since 2003 representing the good people of Kosofe Constituency 1. But in the next dispensation he wants to the National Assembly to occupy the Lagos East senatorial seat. 
He declared his intention last Thursday, September 13, 2018 at CMD, Shangisha, Magodo, Lagos.
He granted online this interview on Saturday, September 15, 2018

What would you say informed your seeking election into the Senate this time around?

A house of 16 years needs some renovations. I have been a member of Lagos House of Assembly for 16 years, I need a change of environment. I need to reinvent myself. That is one.
Two, the dream of every civil servant is to reach the pinnacle of his career through his appointment as a permanent secretary. The dream of every legislator is to be in the Red Chamber (Senate). I have done well enough in the Lagos House of Assembly in last 15 years plus. I need to move to the next level. The next level for me is the Red chamber.
Q- Being a stabilizer in the Lagos of Assembly in the last 16 years, many are of the opinion that your leaving the assembly could instability in the future. What is your take on this?
A. A tree does not make a forest. I did not stabilize the house alone. I did it in collaboration with my colleagues, many of whom are still around to continue from where I stopped.
There are still many brilliant, dedicated and loyal members that i will be leaving behind in the assembly. Like they say in Yoruba language “Iya aje ti fi gbogbo omo bi obirin (A witch that gave birth to female children). I have given birth to many gentlemen and women in the assembly that hold their own anytime any day.

What do you think your chances are in clinching the party ticket?

Very bright. I know that it is only God that crown people. Aside this, I have the support of all the apex leaders in my senatorial district and the party. They (leaders) have known for many years even before this dispensation in the last 20 years. I was one of the people that suffered incarceration in the course of liberating this country from the hands of the military dictators. They know my contributions to the development of democracy in Lagos in particular and in Nigeria as a whole. Many of the leaders in my senatorial seat were the ones that persuaded me to vie for the seat because they what I am capable of doing. The youths too are in support of my aspiration because they know what I have done in the last 16 years of my membership of Lagos House of assembly.



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