‘My mom’s death is the most shocking thing ever’ -Amanda Akhimien

Fair-skinned lady and brain behind Ever After, Amanda Akhimien is bereaved. She lost her mother, Mrs. Roseline Ofili (nee Okonkwo) to the cold hands of death on Tuesday, February 10, 2015, after a brief illness.  She was 61. ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with her about the life and times of her mom.

Accept our condolences on the demise of ‎​your mother.

Thank you so much.

Late mom

Late mom

How and when did it happen?

It happened on Tuesday, February 10, around 8.15pm. She was ill.

How and when did you receive the news?

Nobody gave me the news, I was with her when it happened. Myself and my siblings were with her when she stopped breathing. That was the most shocking thing that has ever happened to me.

What will you miss about her?

I will miss a lot of things about her, so many things -the way she used to call me every day to ask how I was doing. The pet name she used to call me. And when I call her Mrs. Ofili instead of mummy, she would laugh.

What did you discuss last?

We didn’t discuss much because I wanted her to get some rest, I didn’t want her tired.

What fond memories of her do you still keep in your heart?

My fond memories of her is how she used to pack my lunch box as a kid and drove us all to school, how she was always ready to listen to me. In fact, so many fond memories, I can’t even begin to process them right now. But I remember a lot.

What is the most memorable advise she gave you?

The most memorable advice she gave me was to always have faith and believe God can do everything. And I shouldn’t ever worry about a thing.

Who are the people left to mourn her?

Her children and grand children, Mrs Ngozi Okeke, Mrs. Amanda Akhimien. Mr Beluchukwu Ofili, Mr Ebekelu Ofili, Emeka Ofili and Ebube Ofili and her grandchildren, Obianuju Okeke, Nneka Okeke, Kenechukwu Okeke and Brian Ofili.

What of her husband?

Her husband, my father died 13 years ago.  So she was a widow.

What about the burial plan?

Burial plans would be announced soon.



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