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‘My products always stand out’ – Feshitan Halimah

Feshitan Adeola Halimah is the CEO of Halifashions, an online boutique. They stock trendy clothing items and bags.

Halimah told ENCOMIUM Weekly why she ventured into the business and where she gets her stock from…


When and how did you venture into business?

I started business in 2013,,I noticed that when I dress up my friends and people I don’t know when they see me they always want me to get them what I have on or something similar. From there I started buying something for them and later I thought I could turn this into a business and from there Halifashions started.

How will you describe business generally in 2015?

Business in 2015 has not been nice due to the sudden increment in dollar rate and pounds rate and we have to make the buyers understand it’s not our fault and all.  At the same time it has been nice because my clients understand me and patronize. We thank God. We pray for a better 2016.

What are some of the challenges you are facing as an entrepreneur in Nigeria?

A lot of challenges starting from the dollar rate, the increment In dollar rate and dollar exchange has been outrageous and another problem is the customs delay in goods and payment processing and logistics.

Who are your target audience, who do you stock for?

I stock for all but most especially the ladies between 16 to 40 years old.

How price friendly are your wears?

My prices are friendly, I have tops of N3,000 and I sell 2 for N2,500 and still reduce further for those buying more. I sell bags for 8k and have bags of N5,000 too. I have designer shoe and bag at reasonable price.

Where do you get your stock from?

I get my clothes from UK, US, Turkey and Dubai.  I get my tops from Dubai and UK and get my bags from Dubai and UK. I get my gowns from Turkey and jeans. Get my designer bags and shoe from the store directly in US and UK.

What makes your product unique from every other boutique out there?

My products always stand out for me due to the quality and I sell based on body structure because I believe that an attire that fits someone that has hips and butt will not fit someone that doesn’t have. I always tell my customer that the fact that an attire is fine and looks good on someone else doesn’t mean it will fit you and also look good.

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Feshitan Adeola Halimah. I am single, an indigene of Lagos state from Lagos Island. I am a student of Lagos State University, studying Microbiology in my finals. I love cooking, my best food is yam and yes I love yam. I love swimming and I do exercise everyday because I believe a lady has to keep fit. I relax everyday by reading motivational books. Then keep me going every day.




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